Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Updating Our Status

Still Cold
Still without Power
Still have no pretty trees left
Jasper the fish dead
Ryan back at work today
Katie not
Katie hating always


Miranda said...

I'm so sorry life is stinky right now!! Sending you and Ryan a warm hug!!

Carrie M said...

I am also done with winter and ready for spring! It's been freezing here for days now, and I don't even think winter has officially started yet. Yuck!

Benay said...

you know my brother's beta fish got too cold in his house and died. so he and his roommate put the fishbowl in the oven, warmed it up, and it CAME BACK TO LIFE. True story. They renamed the fish Lazarus.

lauren and brad said...

jasper died??? i say try the resurrection oven method. creeeeeepy.

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