Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 is great!

So far this year I've been to the movies, played on the lappy, read Harry (#5), and went back to work today. Ryan isn't home right now so he can't help me upload video, but we will post those crazy Christmas videos soon I promise!

In the past few days I have seen Juno (hilarious), Stomp the Yard (eh), and National Treasure (pretty good if you can get past the absurdness of it all). We wanted to see Enchanted...and by 'we' I mean 'me'. We thought we'd take use of our AMC gift card although we HATE going to the only AMC theater at Quail Springs mall because:
A. it's always crowded with long lines
B. the theaters are always full
C. too many teeny boppers texting and being annoying in general.
And so of course while we were waiting in the LONG line to get tickets. It sold out. Thus we went to see National Treasure instead. I love secrets so of course I liked it but it is a bit ridonculous.

Here is a funny random story: Today we went back to work after the church offices being closed since Christmas. Shannon listened to the voicemail messages and a former member's wife had called and left a message to say her husband passed away and she wanted to use the building on Saturday (as in last Sat.) for his memorial. Oops! So Pam called her to apologize and the lady answered the phone and whispered "I"m actually in the middle of my husband's funeral right now can I call you back. " And THAT my friends is what you call a committed relationship to your cell phone. (Are you singing the "I love technology song" from Nappy D in your head?)

Anyway here are some New Year pics for you.

Ryan has decided to be absurd in all pictures from now on. Here we are ringing in 2008 with our buddies at the Cornell home.

This is poor Maggie the Magnolia tree after Ryan cleaned up the ice storm damage. Notice how only the right side of the tree was affected. I hope it doesn't start leaning. But you CAN see more of our house now. And yes the whole front of our property is covered with tree limbs for the city to haul away in who knows HOW long.

And this is how I've been spending my free time: Blogging, emailing, surfing and playing bookworm on the lappy with Charlie at my side. She enjoys sitting beside me like this while I tap away on the keys which soothe her to sleep as you can see.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your magnolia tree!! Isn't that depressing. Glad your having a great year so far.

trish said...

hi katie, this is lo's friend trish :) i also saw enchanted and the national treasure movie...i really liked enchanted! the national treasure sequel was just okay, i actually fell asleep during the middle and woke up to see the ending! juno is next on my list. happy new year :)

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