Friday, January 11, 2008

Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone

Nooooo!!! Dumbledore is dead and my world is not the same today. I figured he would die, but not until the last book! I will probably be immersed in the 7th book today. Only call if it's an emergency.

P.S. Make sure if you are an Okie you register to vote today or else you can't vote in the primaries.

P.P.S. Visit Walt and Saundra's page to see their new bundle of joy, Hannah Elizabeth! She is darling.


Miranda said...

I know it was sooo sad when I read that book and Dumbledore died!! I cried...I think I was preggo at the time (when am I not) but still! The 7th is awesome! Happy reading!


I envy you getting to read all the HP books back to back to back..... I still haven't read 6 or 7! Happy Friday. Love ya!

kmom said...

Has Ryan registered to vote? Have you? Enquiring minds like to know.

Benay said...

it's a sad day when a new HP reader gets to that page when dumbledore dies. i still think it was unnecessary!

Amanda said...

thanks for the warning :) yes, we must be the last two people on earth who are just now reading HP. I, however, am only on book 1, so haven't yet developed an attachment to Dumbledore (or the books in general - keep getting sidetracked by other books!!)

Just don't say how 7 ends, ok?

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