Saturday, January 12, 2008

Foiled Again!

Looks like the gods don't want us to ever see Enchanted. Ryan came home from work and said it was playing at Kickingbird in North Edmond, so we ate at Steak n Shake, drove to Kickingbird and it was not playing there. So we saw Charlie Wilson's War instead. It was pretty good. There is a bit of nudity in the beginning though, just FYI. Then of course I came home and had to look up to see how much of this "based on a true story" was true. It seems like it was pretty accurate. If you've seen it and questioned the authenticity of the rich blonde Texan just check out her website. Pretty amazing. I like her views on faith as like "dancing on a rainbow." Anyway the ending was a bit abrupt, but leaves you questioning the importance of following up relationships with countries after we help them win a war. Has anyone else seen this movie? What did you think?

Sorry for the HP spoiler. I assumed incorrectly that I was the only one who hadn't read the books. I won't do it again without warning. I haven't gotten too far into the last one.

Yes, mom, Ryan and I registered to be voters. Hopefully our cards will arrive before the primary in OK on Feb. 5th. I didn't want to register for a party but since Oklahoma has closed voting, you have to pick one in order to vote in primaries. Since Ron Paul is still my top choice, I had to register as Republican but I think that is a dumb rule. Isn't part of a democracy being able to vote for whoever you want to?


Walt & Saundra said...

Thanks Katie!! I made that hat! :) I think it makes her look like Strawberry Shortcake.

I posted more pics...were you the one that wanted to see the graphic surgery ones?

kmom said...

In Tn, you don't have to give your party until you actually show up to vote at the primary. The first time I remember voting in a primary, I thought it a bit of privacy invasion to have to pick a party in order to vote.

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