Saturday, January 05, 2008

Guitar Hero with Lar and Deb

Here is part one of the Christmas hilarity. Mom and Dad in their "rock gear" rocking out with guitar hero. Turn the sound up and watch how as my mom concentrates harder she starts to bend forward more.

Pretty funny. Boxing the wii will have to come later.

P.S. The meds are kicking in and I'm already feeling better.....and hungrier.


leslie. said...

oh goodness. that's just great footage. i gave jamie gh for his 7th night gift, but waited to let him open it until my sister got here (college freshman). we rocked out the past couple of nights and i'm totally hooked! really thought it'd be more for him or would sit and collect dust from non-play, but man-oh-man! i'm all over it! that killers song is fun.

Blair & Rachel said...

That is hilarious....I showed Blair, he really likes the outfits.

Miranda said...

This is so cool! Your parents are great sports!

Anonymous said...

how do you have a nintendo wii and i don't? oh well. that video is hilarious. i hope you're doing well!

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