Thursday, January 17, 2008

I forgot to mention...

That I finished the last Harry on Saturday. I read it all in one day. I read over 700 pages in one day. Do you know how nerdy that sounds? Do you know how good that book was?! It was so good and chock full of wizardy wonder that it can't even be contained in one movie! Nope they are realeasing #7 in 2 parts.

In other Harry news, the Land of Nod has started up again (that's my book club that consists of me and Lo--and I guess now wee baby Ben) and tomorrow we have a date to The Rink and then to watch Harry #2 while I smother Ben with love and affection. I haven't seen but one of the movies so I'm pretty pumped. But I feel I should pace myself because I'm afraid I will miss Harry when the movies are all done and the books have been read. What did you do Sally?

P.S. After reading the books back to back I found myself so familiar with all the wizard commands that I would say them in my head at appropriate times. For instance when I wanted a door to open the word "Alohomora" would jump in my brain. And when Ryan tried to give me the kiss of death I had to "Expecto Patronum" to send my stag patronus charging. This will go away eventually I am sure.


lizcannon said...

it eventually wears off, but it is seriously sad. reading about you reading it makes me miss it a lot. geesh. i re-read 6 before 7 came out, and it was awesome.

Leslie said...

"expelliarmus" & "accio __________" are common commands around our household. pretend i never admitted that in public please. i try to claim that it's only because our first date @ a midnight release of one of the books. but then i remember that's really a bit more embarrassing.

Miranda said...

I know your pain...but the one good thing is that we can go to Hogwarts when ever we want...thanks to books and the movies which I'm a nut for! We actually had a 'small' fan group that went to the midnight showing of the last installment at the imax in Branson at the family reunion!!

We have been to almost all of the midnight releasals for books and movies. I was even at the world premiere in London for the Goblet of Fire and watched all the stars walk the red carpet! NOOO I'm not a muggle!
Oh, By the way...'muggle' is used a lot here as well as "I solomly swear I'm up to no good" is a favorite of mine! I also like 'lumos' when I turn on the lights!

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