Monday, January 21, 2008

Lost Baby Movies

This was one busy but fun weekend!

Lost--So I just found out that ABC has the first 3 seasons (is that all of them? I don't know.) on the internet and I decided to start watching them. I'd never seen an episode but heard lots about the show so now I'm hooked. I've heard it lost a lot of fans the past few seasons bc it got too weird but so far I love it! :)

Babies--Friday I got to spend most of the day with Baby Ben and Lo. Then that evening I took dinner to Walt and Saundra to meet Hannah Elizabeth. She is so precious!! Then on Saturday Michelle and Jeremy had a baby shower that we went to. I've definitely gotten to hold my fair share of babies this weekend.

Movies--Ryan and I went to see Cloverfield on Friday night. This is a movie (by the guy who does Lost) about a monster in Manhattan. It is shot like The Blair Witch with a camera that moves the whole time because it is being filmed by a person running from the monster. I thought it was pretty good. I wasn't scared and it actually had a lot of funny parts in it. The only downfall was I got SEVERE motion sickness from the camera moving. I felt sooo sick halfway through it that I had to close my eyes and only look up occasionally. I think on TV it would be MUCH better for my tummy's sake.

On Saturday Allison and I went to see 27 Dresses. SOOOO Cute!! It's a must see for all girls....especially if you've been a bridesmaid 27 times-or if it feels like you have. I even think guys would like it. It's very funny and I love Katherine Heigl.

We also did a LOT of travel research for our big trip in May (From now on I think I will call it BTIM) and will most likely be purchasing our tickets tomorrow!! Eeeek!! We are buying them online because the travel agent we spoke with had absolutely no good deals and wasn't very helpful in general. The internet and Rick Steves will be our guides. More info on BTIM later.

Lastly, I am leaving for Orlando tomorrow to go to a Children's Ministry Conference with another lady from church. I'm super excited! I think I will be taking lappy and the hotel has wireless so I might be posting, but I make no promises. Check in on Ryan and Charlie for me....I'm sure they will be crying themselves to sleep each night counting the hours until I return. :)


ktsdad said...

Hey, Toots!
Hope you have a great trip!

Young Fam said...

Hey! I was wondering if you got to go to that conference. Have fun! It was great to see you all on saturday at the shower!

The McDowells said...

Seth and I love Lost, it is one of the best shows! Don't watch it out of order though. Have fun in Orlando! Who are you going with?

trish said...

oh my gosh! i got really dizzy from seeing cloverfield over the weekend! i thought it was good, but was unfulfilled with the ending...i wish they would have added one more scene. perhaps lilly or the fbi watching the tape in the future, etc.

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