Saturday, January 26, 2008

On My Way HOME!!

I'm cheap and didn't want to pay for wireless at Disney (yeah can you believe at a HUGE and EXPENSIVE business CONVENTION resort they don't have free WiFi? Come on Disney, get with the century) so I am blogging from the Orlando airport. We had a fabulous time and took in so much information in 4 days that my brain actually aches from so many ideas and thoughts! We heard wonderful speakers and had great insightful workshops and met lots of people and ate great food and browsed tons of resources and jammed with thousands of Children's Ministry Workers to various artists. But we are definitely worn out and ready to go home. Another thing Disney doesn't have...Afrin. And don't you know I got sick the first day we were there. (That's two sicknesses for the year 08) But the airport did so I am no longer gasping for breath and hacking up mucus for all around to enjoy. Pics will come later after I have rested in the arms and kisses of my two favorite beings on 12th Street. I hope they've missed me as much as I miss them!

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