Thursday, January 03, 2008

Word of the Day: Pleurisy

It's the word of the day because it's the latest odd illness I can now add to my repertoire. What is it you ask? An inflammation of the pleura, duh! It sounds like one of those diseases people in the Oregon Trail computer game die from. You can read here for a more medical definition....and also a list of cool historical people who have had it. Don't worry though I have no other symptoms other than it hurts when I breathe, and since I don't really need to breathe I think I will manage. Hopefully my Z-PAK and Steriods will kick in and I'll be germ free once again and maybe 10 pounds heavier with some chest hair. Congratulation Pleurisy, you are my first strange disease of 2008!

P.S. The video thing may not be as easy as I first though. Sorry. We'll try this weekend.


Walt & Saundra said...

It sounds awful! Don't attempt the Oregon Trail anytime soon.

I've had a nasty cough (still lingering) since before Thanksgiving. Not fun. I'm sorry you've got one now!!

leslie. said...

omg!! check out dev's post on this v.same matter. Here's another. I hope you feel better soon.

leslie. said...

Oops. Here's the other i was talking about.

trish said...

that's right, devon just went through this! i hope you feel better!!

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