Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Phew! We're the same age again

For two months out of the year I have to be older and more mature than Ryan but yesterday was his 25th birthday so we're even again. To celebrate I surprised him and took him to a restaurant we'd never been to before called Charlie Newton's. It's one of those fancy places in Nichols Hills where waiters say things like "as you wish" and "but of course." It was pretty yummy and he had no room for the jello cheesecake I made hime. Then we came home to our freezing house (See explanation below) and he taught me a new game on the lappy that he thought I would like. I think the birthday wish he wanted most might jsut come true too (see Laura's blog). All in all I think it was a wonderful birthday and we get to continue the celebration in Oregon next week!

Our house is freezing because we refuse to turn the heat on unless we will be home all day, and then only to like 60. For the last 2 months we have had extraordinarily high gas bills. Everyone in OK has but ours has been double what other people's have been for some reason. The gas man has come out and there isn't a leak. I guess we just have no insulation anywhere in the house. So we turn the electric heater on in our bedroom or just bundle up and freeze in our 50 degree house. I just pretend I'm an Eskimo and it makes it more fun (not really). So I'm really ready for Spring. Or for someone to magically come and insulate the whole house for really cheap :)


Young Fam said...

Well I hope you and Lauren can come see me at the hospital....but for that to happen apparently I need to have what they call contractions.....I'll let you know Thursday if he still hasn't come what we are going to do. Probably induce next Monady.....I always thought the hard part would be getting pregnant, not getting him out!

ktsdad said...

Ryan was hoping NKOTB would get back together??!!

Kira said...

Wow all my friends think that I live in an igloo because I keep my house at 67-69.

I have a very reasonable electric bill but I like to keep it even more reasonable.

Walt & Saundra said...

Yeah, everyone says she looks like Walt! I think it's the hair. :)

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