Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scrappin' til Jesus Comes

Sorry for the lack of posts. I had quite the tutoring day fiasco Wed. and it took me a few days to recover from it. It would make for a good post I am sure but I will spare you. Now I am just tired from staying up until 1:30 am Friday night. It was Craft Night which we do once a month and we always stay really late---well 4 of us usually do. 1:30 is pretty early for us though, twice it has been 3:00. We decided next time to make Tshirts that say Mayfair Craft Night "Scrappin til Jesus Comes" Although not all of us scrapbook it would still be funny. I usually make cards, but this time I worked on redoing my grandparents wedding memorabilia album I found at their house a few months ago. It was falling apart but has so many cool cards, receipts, postcards etc. it in that I thought I should redo it. I got several pages done. I'll post pics later. Saturday afternoon Allison and I celebrated her birthday by going to see "definitely, maybe." It's a pretty cute movie but dragged on a bit at times. Then we had dinner at Nate and Janine's and the dogs got to play. We played a new game called Last Word. It was really fun for those who are looking for new games to buy. I have no pictures of these events to bring color to this post so I'll end it here.


Miranda said...

I LOVE the scrappin til JC comes shirt idea!! That's great! We are trying to get a 'craft' day (for some reason not every one (all 4 of us) are into the night thing) going at our church.

Post pics of the Wedding album!

lauren and brad said...

I can't believe you stayed until 1:30...i'm such a lame-o for leaving at 10:30!!!!

maybe next month I'll brave the all-nighter. :)

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