Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's Tale: by Katie

Katie and Ryan were born a few months apart but thousands of miles away from each other.

They had carefree childhoods in happy homes.

They had wonderful educations, and both decided to move to Oklahoma for college.

They met their sophomore year through mutual friends.

They developed a relationships mainly through the use of AOL instant messenger, since Ryan was shy. They attended school banquets together and frequented Taco Bell.

They met each other's families and enjoyed spending time with each other. Ryan decided to propose to Katie in Seaside, Oregon the summer before their senior year.

They were married the following May and went on a Caribbean cruise.

Then they settled into their first apartment.
They have had lots of fun in their 2 and a half years of marriage.

A year ago they bought their first home and a few months later had a new addition to their family.
This is their sixth Valentine's day together and they plan to have many more occasions to celebrate for many more years to come.
The End


lizcannon said...

awwww that was super sweet!

kmom said...

What a super great love story! It can be made into a book and read to your kids and maybe all the grandparents and greatgrandparents and the aunts and uncles and cousins can have their picture and a sentence about them too.

erin said...

I almost thought we were going to have a baby announcement at the end. What a great story. I wish I saw more of you guys...

Miranda said...

That was the best story ever! You should so get that in a scrapbook! It would be very cute! Still love the sand castle!
Even though haven't met you...:0( Still feel very blessed to have you in our family!

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