Sunday, March 23, 2008

Conversations with Violet

This is our dear niece Violet explaining how she got her kitty Olivia and showing us her toys. It's a little long but I think it's worth it to watch the whole thing. I laugh every time. Notice the death grip on the patient cat throughout the video. :)



ktsdad said...

What a sweetie! And definitely the world's most patient cat!!!

Anonymous said...

I would give up a pacifier for that cat any day!!

lizcannon said...

That cat is insanely patient.
Where do they breed calm cats like that?

And whoever invented the Paci-Fairy was a genius!


That is a sweet girl! And a sweet cat. Violet is quite a story teller (in a good way)!

Walt & Saundra said...

That is brilliant! The pacifier fairy trading a kitty for her pacy...
I vividly remember my Grandma taking me out to pick out a teddy bear in exchange for giving up sucking my finger. Bribery is such a great motivator!
By the way, Romeo said he'd let me know if he needed any more table top stuff and that he'd be happy to have you design some if he did!
And YES, you DO need to come visit Hannah soon!!! :)

Miranda said...

Too cute! That cat is very patient!

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