Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Impossible to narrow down

Actually I did narrow it down quite a bit--49 out of like 170 to be exact. I had to take a lot more photos. Since the kiddos are so active now, it was hard to get a shot of them being still or at least one that wasn't blurry. They just get more adorable every time I see them. Hopefully I will be able to post a hilarious video of Violet telling us all about her kitty and if I could edit I would show you a GREAT one of George and Nolan's "after bath time naked dance." Anyway here they are in slideshow form (click on the picture to go to the next one)

P.S. News on the homefront: Ryan and I are feeling a bit better. I actually ate an apple and some crackers. My first meal in 48 hours. Charlie is back from her best friends' house. She has been sleeping all day. Today it was a beautiful 65 degrees outside and sunny but they predict 4 inches of snow tomorrow.


Leslie said...

if i looked at them through flickr already, did i look @ 170? they're adorable and i LOVE their siblingly similar grins!

lizcannon said...

potty training = fav pic of all time. are you gonna make her momma use this against her when she starts dating????

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