Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Negative Nancy

I know that those of you with kids can probably understand this post. Or those of you who are teachers. Although I don't have any biological ones, I have 30 on Wed. and somedays I feel like all I do is say no, stop that, don't make fun of people, be nice, don't hit, don't throw food, no you may not, stop climbing on things, no, no, no, no, NO. I know I'm supposed to put a positive spin and say no you may not do that but you CAN do this. But still at the end of Wednesdays I usually feel like a negative Nancy. Maybe one day I will just say yes to everything and see what happens. I don't feel bad about it for long though because through their tears and yelling "you're so mean Ms. Katie, I'm never coming back!" I know they don't mean it because they hug me 10 min later and love me again. And they made me the sweetest get well cards last week when I was gone that brought a smile to my face. I guess it's good practice for parenting........times 30.

Fun Fact: After church tonight I was cleaning the tutoring room and found one tennis shoe. One. Which means there is a kid who went to Bible class and went home with only one shoe on somehow. I even called the bus but he said they all had two on. Who knows. I'm sure I'll get a call about it tomorrow.


Leslie said...

looked at the picture for a kid without a shoe.

amanda said...

isn't it fun how kids know how to pretend they're bipolar just to get the reaction they want out of you?
it's totally good experience for being a mom. i think after looking after 12 rugrats for 2 months at camp, i can totally handle it.

kmom said...

The other shoe is probably on the side of road somewhere.

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