Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Step Closer.......

We got our plane tickets AND our passports in the mail. It only took 2 weeks! That's pretty fast! We've been looking at places to stay online in Barcelona the day before our cruise leaves and the day before we fly back here. Hotels are SUPER expensive and most are booked anyway so it looks like we will be cheap hosteling it up like some college kids. Oh well it will make the cruise seem that much nicer. Anyway to make this post more colorful here are some random pics of various events going on in life.....

Saturday we had a community Easter Egg Hunt at the city park by the church. I have lots o pics but I will just post this's my fav. She told me Sunday "Did you know Ms. Katie that you are actually my step mom?" To which I replied "did you know I actually am not?" She has a good imagination and also likes to change her name every other day and won't answer unless you call her the name of the day.

Yesterday was so pretty outside so I made the kids smile for pictures. These are some of the older kiddos. The only ones who weren't "too cool" to be in a picture.

These are the some of the younger ones. Don't they look so's deceiving. :)

You might remember this little girl from the tutoring video. She gives me some of the best quotes for my little journal. Those will be another post.

OK I really should have made a slideshow since I got so many cute ones, but I will stop here.

I added to my Weilware awhile ago. The yellow set is the newest. I guess it's an official collection now! Last Wed. I went antiquing in Purcell with some ladies from church and got some great stuff. I can't share it all with you though because they are future gifts for Xmas. But I did get myself a jewelry box and some buttons for crafty things.

This is Charlie and Lexie on Easter. We were invited to Nate and Janine's to eat with their family so the sisters got to play.
It was one big reunion because another one of their sisters was next door. She also looks nothing like them (as you can see) and has shorter legs. So cute though! That's enough for now. Tomorrow I get to start the day at an awards ceremony for student of the month at Monroe Elementary, then onto lunch dates with Janine, Lo, and Ben, then onto TX with Kelsey to see good Ole Sal!! I love visiting old college friends...and yes I can say old, it's been 3 years!

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kmom said...

You might try checking with your Aunt Sandra and cousin Erica since they were all in Spain last summer. Erica spent most of the summer in Spain and visited several places. She might be going back this summer.

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