Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oregon tried to kill us

Sorry no pictures yet. Just wanted to let everyone know we made it home safely but we aren't exactly in the best of spirits. Thanks to either food poisoning or stomach flu Ryan, Mona, and I were up all last night retching up all that we had consumed in the past week. I have never wanted to die so much in my life. We wanted to change our flight to tomorrow but due to the ridiculous fee they charge (seriously NWA do you want us breathing on all the passengers with these germs, I think that is why EVERYONE has the flu bug right now) we chose to try to tough it out and not puke on the plane. Now I can say we are home safe and I am eating some crackers. You lose energy when you haven't eaten in over 24 hours.

Anyway except for last night the rest of our trip was wonderful and I do have lots of photos to share with you in the near future. But now I need to try and sleep. Good night!

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ktsdad said...

Glad you're home safely! I'm sorry the trip ended so badly. Can't wait to hear about your adventures! Love ya'

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