Sunday, March 30, 2008

Road Trip to Hotel Pinon

Friday at 17:00 hours Kelsey and I headed down to TX on a mission to see good Ole Sal. It has been a year since I have seen her and I definitely hadn't seen the mansion she lives in now that she married an old man......ok he isn't old just "well established." Of course there was a bit of traffic but it was well worth it and by the time we found a Dairy Queen we weren't even grouchy anymore. We only got lost for a brief moment and we somehow turned up on a gravel road but we arrived safely by 21:00 hours and pulled up to this. She says it's not a mansion........I'll let you be the judge.
We were greated warmly at Hotel Pinon with gluten free dinner made by Sally herself. We received a tour of the estate and were immediately excited about all of the amenities included. After we ate and gossipped, we played some Rock Band.
This was my first time to play and I dominated on the drums. The singing was fun too but only if you knew the song. Sorry for the blur....we were rocking too hard to be still. Then we headed up to the media room so I could attend Sally's wedding.
The screen was just large enough that I felt like I was there. I missed her real wedding due to the fact that it was on the same day as my cousin's, but this was almost like being there.
Harley Pinon (of THE pronounced them man and wife. I even shed a tear during the kiss. We looked at college scrapbooks and stayed up way past our bedtimes. In the morning we had breakfast, then opted against the weight room workout in favor of a DDR workout.
Let's face it, if you don't break a sweat you're not dancing hard enough. After showering the sweat away we headed to some stores, lunch, and the mall. The day went by too fast and before we knew it, it was time to head back to OKC.
Kelsey and I said our good-byes, thanked our gracious host and bid farewell to Hotel Pinon already dreaming of our second return. On the way home we stopped by Ikea and I got a lot of things for the nursery at church and one or two items for myself......and of course we hit up the DQ again.

I love that I am still great friends with my college buddies. Especially ones that live near Ikeas in huge mansions. Thank you girls for a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to do it again!!!


Leslie said...

dallas? plano? i've done that drive! we stopped at a few sonics, which were much more novelty for the 2 cali girls trish had in her car. and that house is HUGE, sal. i remember trish's parents house being enormous too...maybe it's a tx thing? they do it all bigger, right?

i was just thinking about why we did that drive -- lo + brad's wedding!

Young Fam said...

I'd say its a mansion, looks like you had fun.

Mathias & Craig Families said...

Hello Katie, what a fun time! I actually had a random question. . . The curtains that you have up outside on your back porch; what material did you use & does it stay up all year around? Just wondering. . . Love you by the way! Wendy.

Kelsey said...

This post was all that I dreamed it would be... I made the blog at last!

Miranda said...

Um...yes Mansion! Looks like you had a blast!! And I LOVE Ikea! My whole living room is an Ikea catalog page as well as the playroom!

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved this post so much! I'm so glad you made it to Ikea and got stuff you wanted. I cant wait for you to come again!


Walt & Saundra said...

Definitely "well established." :)

lizcannon said...

ohhhh ikea! actually, that is 2 seconds away from cameron's parents' house!

AND that house IS a mansion.

AND i want to play rock band with you!

lucky gal!

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