Saturday, March 15, 2008

Things I haven't posted about because I have no pictures

  1. Last weekend was the High School Musical Party at church. About 15 kids came and we watched the sing-a-long mode, ate junk food, got raffle prizes, played the trivia game, and learned the dance moves. I actually brought my camera but forgot to take pics like a dummy. It was fun. Super cheesy movie but cute for kids.
  2. We also went to the OK state basketball tournament to support Jeremy's team Santa Fe in the semifinals. They played well but lost to PC North.
  3. I rented Freedom Writers and it was a really good movie.
  4. Yesterday Lo, Ben, and I went to see The Other Boleyn Girl. We read it in our book club and loved it (and the whole series). The movie was good, but not as good as the book. They skewed some facts and had to cut so much out that if I hadn't read the book I might be confused. It's such an interesting time in history. Ben actually made it through the movie and Lo even magically changed a cloth diaper in the middle of it.
  5. Then we ate at Earl's and went to Target where I bought clothes with the cruise in mind! :)
  6. Last night was craft night at church and Shannon and I finished all the new artwork for the nursery hallway. They are sooo cute and I will post pics of those later! I also got to make quite a few cards.
  7. Ryan and I have sent off for our passports. I already had one that hadn't expired but had my maiden name on it. I thought I'd just have to pay a fee to update it....nope I had to pay for a whole new one. Oh well.
  8. We are buying plane tickets for the cruise within the week. Prices are staying steady so might as well buy now.
  9. Tonight we are going to eat at Pepporoni Grill with Michelle and her family and then see the musical Annie at the Civic Center. They had extra tickets. I'm excited. I've never seen the show, just the movie.
  10. We have some kind of flower sprouting up EVERYWHERE. It hasn't bloomed yet though so we don't know what it is but it's in all flower beds and the backyard and the front yard ivy. Who knows.
  11. Next Wednesday the office gals are going antiquing in Purcell. I'm excited! I need to post pics of our recent antique additions in the dining room soon.
  12. Check out the new blog link I have posted to the right called Design Sponge. I love it...especially their before and after posts.
  13. I LOVE the new Oprah show The Big Give (on Sundays after Extreme Home Makeovers) until the end. They do wonderful things for people in need through the whole show and I cried through the whole show last week, and then at the end they kick someone off for not giving as well as the others. It's all happy and inspiring and then it's like the board room of the Apprentice except someone goes home for something good they did....just not good enough.
  14. Last week when I was home sick from church on Wed. I saw that gameshow Moment of Truth. Worst gameshow ever. It's soo cruel.
  15. That's all. I need to finish our taxes. Boo.


ktsdad said...

Such a busy life! I'm tired just reading about it!

kmom said...

I sent something that might be helpful with taxes in your mail, even thought I thought you were all finished with your taxes. I plan to start on ours this coming weekend. Good luck with yours.

Leslie said...

i love d*sponge!

Kira said...

I also surprising love Oprah's big give. I didn't think that I would but it is really good. I cried almost EVERY episode. The concept of not giving just to give but the whole process is cool. I also like the Couples show that is on after the Big Give. Makes me laugh after just crying.

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