Sunday, April 13, 2008

Counting the days until the third one...

This Saturday was the long awaited High School Musical 2 watch party at church with the kiddos. 28 kids, 4 adults, and WAY too much candy makes for a great weekend. We sang along and some even danced along. After cleaning up about 4 bazillion soda spills, I was ready to go home.....and start counting the days until #3 comes out :)

If it looks like we are in a dungeon it's because we are....actually the church basement. Check out the diva in the front with the pink on. I love it. And yes I am sporting a themed T-shirt. If you haven't ever watched one of the HSM movies you're missing out. It's 100% cheese-tastic but I find it entertaining and some parts even funny.

Here is a sample of the wholesome hilarity. I think it's my fav from #2.

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