Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Partners in Crime

Our dogs are well behaved when they are by themselves. But when they get together you never know what you will come home to. This is the scene we walked into after church on Wed. a few weeks ago. They chose to demolish some of Shannon's cookbooks and spill all of them on the floor. Somehow they even meticulously took the spiral binding out of her great grandmother's cookbook without harming any of the pages...how considerate. I think Charlie is the instigator. And yes she got a spanking.


lauren and brad said...


That is such a cali move.

Leslie said...

holy smokes, that is completely priceless. maybe they were in the middle of creating a glorious 17-course meal before you so rudely interrupted the creative process? you guys missed out by coming home on time.

lizcannon said...

holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like schnooze and hudson woulda added some spice as well (esp if they drank coffee...). But don't the look kinda innocent??? so cute though.

The Woodards said...

Hey, it is the Woodard's in KS, and we just wanted to say we understand you troubles. Our boxer ripped the entire book of Matthew out of Leann's bible one day. She got a spanking to, but worse than that, she had to sit there while Leann cried and put her entire bible back together with tape. Jasmine, the dog, looked so sad and pitiful. Never again did she touch a book in the house. Love to read the blog and enjoy your stories!

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