Sunday, April 06, 2008

Should've made this into multiple posts.....

This weekend feels like it was really long but I think it's actually because we did a lot in a few days! I could probably split this up into a few posts but what fun would that be?!

Friday--Slept in, read my book, spent the day with Lo and Ben. I'm getting much better at changing cloth diapers. Ben's getting much better at smiling at me. In the evening Ryan and I double dated with Derek and Courtney and went to the new theater in Moore, The Warren, to see Stop-Loss. The theater has balcony seats and if you sit up there you can order food and buzz waiters over to you for your every need. Our movie didn't have a balcony but we plan to try it out sometime.

Saturday--Quite possibly the best morning ever because my "skinny" jeans that I was too big to wear last summer fit me today!! Hurrah!! Book Signing and Story Time at Barnes and Noble for Bye-Bye Baby Max. It's a book about one of our church member's daughter's and how she helped her Kindergarten class say good-bye to a baby chick. Then antiquing in Guthrie with church ladies (See pic below). So much fun. I got presents for various people's birthdays and even Xmas. I love just looking though too. In the evening Ryan and I played badminton in the backyard. It's my favorite sport and it's actually exercise! We've already been through 2 birdies this weekend. Charlie got to play with Luke and Lucy. Then Ryan and I watched a movie called Idiocracy.

Sunday--Church, lunch with Bible class, off to Lowe's, worked in the yard all afternoon. We planted flowers and grass and re-mulched some areas. It's looking better already! Now if I can just water everyday. Then church again, dinner with friends at Los Carbones, back home for more badminton. We will be pros by the end of the summer. Watched The Big Give, talked to a friend on the phone, and gave the dog a bath. She smells like lavender now.

We have a lot planned for next weekend too. I like busy weekends though. I feel much better when I get a lot done than when I just lay around, but that makes sense. Have a good week!!


ktsdad said...

Let's hear it for skinnier, athletic children's ministers! Can't wait for you to post pix of the new and improved yard! Is your dining room ready for viewing yet?

Leslie said...

oh my gosh, i thought we were the only poor saps who sat through idiocracy! actually, jamie definitely fell asleep through most of it while i secretly enjoyed the rest. Soooo stupid, but I remember cracking up at certain points (maybe it was because it WAS so dumb, i couldn't help it?). What did you guys think?

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