Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Typical Day.....

I thought I would share this conversation I had with one of my 1st graders from tutoring. To protect him I will call him Bob.

Me: Bob your mom has been saying that you are coming home on Wed. with lots of unfinished homework and she isn't happy about that.
Bob: Well I never have any homework.
Me: That isn't true because Tim is in the same class as you and he has homework so I know you do too.
Bob: Well it's because he wasn't in school yesterday and he had extra work and I know because there are 22 kids in class and I counted 21 and it was because Tim was missing. And the homework he has I already did yesterday.
(his tutor then walks up with worksheets she found in his backpack from his teacher that say "PLEASE FINISH AND RETURN" at the top of the page)
Me: Bob it looks like you had some homework in your backpack. What are these sheets?
Bob: No, those are worksheets from the teacher and she wrote that at the top because she wants us to do them whenever we want and then keep them at our house forever and ever.
Me: I think you misunderstand the meaning of the word "return." It actually means your teacher wants you to do the work today and return it to her tomorrow. So I suggest you do what your tutor says and not lie to me again.
Bob: Ok


ktsdad said...

What preparation this job is for motherhood:) Hang in there, toots!

lizcannon said...

bob is smart. good job bob!


That is hilarious! I love how kids minds think!

Becky Thomas said...

Thanks for the comment Katie. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to force anyone to get vaccinations. If Lauren has some book recommendations send them my way! Thanks!

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