Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'll have the whocakes and the beezlenut splash

While Ryan's parents were here we went to IHOP. I had heard wonderful things--from children at church--about the food they have in honor of Horton Hears a Who. So I ordered the green eggs and ham, who cakes, and beezlenut splash (sprite with jello cubes).
It tasted pretty good and was definitely one of the most colorful meals I have had. I don't know how long they will be serving this but I think it's a fun meal for kids so take them there while they last! We also went to the Warren with his parents for our anniversary dinner. We sat in the balcony with the HUGE and HEATED temperpedic seats. I had hand made cream soda and chicken alfredo. Ryan had pizza. I would defintiely recommend this. It was a lot of fun but you have to wait until there's a movie you want to see playing in the theaters with the balconies. And you have to be 21 because there is a bar up there. We saw Baby Mama and it was pretty hilarious and not really crass at all, surprisingly.

Only 6 days until our cruise!! Of course I have an awful sore throat and stuffy nose but I'm hoping it's just allergies and will go away before we leave. I blame it on all the pretty foliage at Will Rogers Park bc that's where Lo and I went yesterday. Boo nature.

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Miranda said...

Wasn't the whocakes great!!! And the 'special drink' We are going to try to re-create it for Dr Suess' Birthday!

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