Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Italy: Naples

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary to us!! If I can see into the future correctly we should be getting ready to catch the train from Naples to Pompeii and then go climb Mt. Vesuvius. I never thought we'd spend our anniversary on a volcano....or in Italy for that matter.**Katie is not actually posting these posts in real time. She is utilizing her ingenious technology skills by writing these before the trip and setting a future date to post them.**


Young Fam said...

We loved was so neat!

ktsdad said... like they go together to me!!!
Happy Anniversary!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! What a dream to celebrated in Italy. Eat some authentic spaghetti for me! Love you guys!

Becky Thomas said...

Happy Anniversary. Pompei is an amazing place, I hope your anniversary is wonderful!

Miranda said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy Italy! We loved it!

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