Thursday, June 05, 2008

Book It

So I have read 5 books since my last review and 3 of those were on our trip. I'll give a brief review since there are so many:

Twilight: My BFF Erin gave me this book for Xmas saying someone gave it to her and told her it was the best book ever written and although she hadn't actually read it she believed it and gave it to her friends for Xmas presents. I finally got around to reading it after hearing other people say how great it was. It's a teen fiction book about vampires. I think I might've liked it more had I not heard how wonderful it is. I struggled through it and only got interested on like the last 50 pages. I don't know why wizards in Harry Potter are believable to me but I kept going "vampires...meh" while I read this. It's a whole series and is really popular so maybe I'll give the second one a chance and not have as lofty goals for it.

Eat, Pray, Love: One of Oprah's book lists books. I saw the author on her show and wasn't a fan so I didn't want to read it but Lo convinced me to and I really did like it. It's about a lady who tries to "find herself" I guess you'd say and lives in Italy, India, and Indonesia each for 3 months. I got a lot of good quotes out of the book and although I didn't agree with all she learned she did have a lot of good points and ideas. This book will make you want to travel. My favorite thing I got out of it was her guru in Indonesia said the best meditation to be happy is to sit in silence for an hour with your eyes shut and smile. Just try it....I did for like 5 minutes and I already felt happier. I actually laughed out loud at myself.

The Glass Castle: Read this book. You will love it. It's a memoir about a successful woman who grew up with some eccentric (more like wackadoo) parents. You can't believe any one turned out normal after this mess. It's very funny and intriguing. You can read it in one airplane ride (I know bc I pretty much did) bc it's an easy read and so interesting.

Harpsong: Kind of a slow read and not very uplifting but it's about a couple in Oklahoma during the dust bowl and is by an Oklahoma author. It was neat to learn about what happened here during that time and how crazy life was then. I did like it so I would recommend it, especially to Oklahomans.

Angels and Demons: Derek told me before I left I HAD to read this book since I would be seeing all of these places in Rome. I really liked it but didn't read it until the plane ride home. I bought it in the Barcelona airport and didn't put it down for much of our 3 flights home. The idea is a little out there but there's so much mystery and action, I thought it was MUCH better than the DaVinci Code.

So there it is. Our Thursday Bible study group is reading What's So Amazing about Grace? by Phillip Yancy and I really like it so far. I'm on a waiting list to borrow Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp by one of my favorite bloggers Stephanie Klein. It's about to tornado here so I am going to go eat homemade pizza with my husband, watch a movie, and then prepare our hallway for a night of twisters. Fun fun!!


Kira said...

Thanks for the reviews - much appreciated

Leslie said...

speaking of quick reads, have you picked up "i love you, beth cooper"? about a nerdy-as-they-come nerd and his adventures after he incorporates a teeth-gritting confession of love to the most popular girl in school...during his valedictorian speech @ high school graduation. eep! quick read, available for 1/2 off at most big box book stores, and is apparently being picked up for a movie.

read it before the movie comes out..i can see it going down the pooper on screen.

Miranda said...

LOVED Twilight! A friend gave it to me for Christmas as was slow reading in the begining but I loved the last 100 pages or so and have read the other 2 and can't wait for the 4th and last and the movie!!
I also, loved Angels and Demons, I read it before we went to Rome and after! I can't wait for the movie this Christmas! Ewan is playing the the other male lead with Tom Hanks!

trish said...

i loved the glass castle! such a good read. i just finished james patterson's "sunday at tiffany's," which was a fun/cute read. definitely recommend it!

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