Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hen-Town News

  1. I went on a Hot Date with my Poppy yesterday to Bell's.

  2. We hung out at Southern Oaks for awhile and I showed him the scrapbook of him and Gran I had been working on.

  3. I got new eyeglasses...I lost my other ones somehow. I'm not any more blind than I was before. Phew!

  4. I spent the night at my sister's last night.

  5. I went out with her an Joe to Los Portales and to see The Happening...dont waste your money or time on this film.

  6. I went swimming with my aunt and cousin on Monday.

  7. I played Upwords with the family and won.

  8. I went to Jackson today with Celeste to run bridal errands.

  9. I went to see her in-laws new lake house and went for a ride on the boat.
That is about all of the highlights I think. Since posts are boring without photos here is one of Celeste's bridal portraits. I love this photo. I'm hoping I don't bawl during the wedding but it's quite possible.

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Walt & Saundra said...

This is a gorgeous photo! Take some tissues. I have a very manly farmer cousin who bawled once during a wedding. It was his own. His brothers laughed at him mercilessly. And his bride didn't cry!

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