Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shrinky Dink Necklace Conversation

Kid: Teacher, I wrote that my spiritual gift is serving, but it's really something else.

Me: Oh really, well what is it?

Kid: I have a little bit of evil inside of me.....that's my gift.

Me: Well that gift is not from God.

So far I haven't burned down the building with my toaster ovens but it sure does smell bad when they are on. Shrinky dinks are a great craft because they are cheap, cool, and most kids today haven't done them before. Sorry I have no way to upload pics. I'm still alive but VERY tired.

1 comment:

kmom said...

Hang in there! I love you!!! Keep telling yourself what day you can relax and sleep, sleep, sleep. Will it be Friday all day?

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