Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to Normal

Now that I'm not working 12 hour days anymore my life will resume to normal for the most part. VBS ended Saturday and it went wonderfully! But I am thankful it's over now :) We are house-dog-cat-snake-sitting for Matt and Shannon this week. Which means we have cable!! After a few hours of watching a show on TLC about a man whose entire face is covered in hemangioma tumors Ryan stated "I'm glad we don't have cable at home." And I agree. I get so caught up flipping channels that I would never check my email or read a book! (maybe someday I can insert clean and cook but I don't do that anyway). Charlie is in heaven since she has her best bud Lucy for 2 weeks!! We leave on Friday for Oregon and she gets to stay with Lucy while we are gone too. Plus I'm in heaven because staying at the Meredith's is like staying in a craft store because I get to use all of Shannon's crafty tools. I plan on utilizing those today while I make thank you notes for VBS volunteers. I don't have any recent pics to show because I don't have a cord with me but I will post a pic of Charlie from a year ago. We have now had our sweet little mutt for a year and I can't imagine life without her :)

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Young Fam said...

are you going to come to the blogger bash?

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