Monday, July 14, 2008

Crafty month

I can't lie--I have been really crafty for the past month or so. This is a little blanket I made for someone at church who just had a baby.I also made curtains for our bathroom.And curtains for the study/office. They still need to be hemmed.My next crafty project will be to make a cute little table out of a stool to go between my two awesome office chairs I got at an antique store last week. I love these!!!LOTS happened last week including the ladies book review at church, a mother/daughter tea, the shedding of Ryan's sun burn, the coming of the camel crickets, a putt putt adventure and an evening of babysitting for Ben. And I will try to get it all posted BUT next week is VBS at Mayfair so I am a little bit swamped to say the least :) Click on the Mayfair link on the right to see the video promo for the most awesome VBS yet!


ktsdad said...

I know I'd be coming to this VBS if I were just a little younger!

Anonymous said...

I hate camel crickets, and I am reading Eat, Pray, Love. It is pretty good. Good luck with VBS.


erin said...

Nice video debut, big blue puppet! Very cute video-I'm with your dad. If I was little bit younger, I'd totally be there!

kmom said...

I am so impressed with your craft items. Great video! Hope your VBS went well!

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