Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dark Knights: Charlie and Lucy

Ryan and I saw Batman on Sunday afternoon with cousin Kira at The Warren. Definitely worth seeing and definitely not with children. There isn't lots of blood or anything it's just demented and Heath Ledger just might be the creepiest villain ever. Right up there with Hannibal Lecter. I loved it though. Not much else is going on at Chateau Meredith. The dogs are having fun but can't be trusted for a second outside. They keep digging and no amount of scolding and spanking will help. In happier news, I've decided after sleeping on their bed all week that I want a temperpedic foam topper for our matress. Here are the hoodlums caught red handed digging. And here they are trying to look innocent.....beside another hole they dug.

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The McDowells said...

Seth and I just went and saw the Batman movie and really liked it also. Heath Ledger definately creeps me out. Someone was telling me about when they saw it and they said the theater was filled with parents and their little kids (I bet those kids didn't sleep well that night).

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