Monday, July 07, 2008

Is this legal?

The other day this is what was in our mailbox with the mail. It was not attached to a letter or in a bag or with any promotional explanation. I don't get it, and I don't think I will drink it. Did anyone else get this in their mailbox?


Anonymous said...

No, we didn't get that up here in Edmond...but isn't it a Felony to put stuff in peoples mailboxes (besides postmen)??

lizcannon said...

1. the neighbors thought you were a playboy bunny and wanted to get you a present for being a good neighbor.
2. mailman thought you were thirsty, but being hugh hefner and all, this was all he had.
3. the neighbor works at hooters, but wants to audition for playboy and wants you to vote for her.
4. charlie asked the neighbor dog for one, and got two, and now she can share.
5. is it beer or an energy drink?
6. smell it, but don't drink it.
7. haven't checked the mail today, but pretty sure we didn't get any of tha bidness here :)

Leslie said...

that is NOT ok.

kmom said...

Did you call the postman? Would anyone be wanting to prank you or Ryan?

Leslie said...

did you ever figure out who put these in your mailbox?

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