Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Smorgasboard of Happenings

So many things happened in the past 2 weeks and I was going to separate them into different posts but I'm smashing them all in one. Ryan and I babysat our favorite little baby Ben while his parents went to a wedding. Actually I babysat and Ryan came over while he screamed himself to sleep and helped cover up the wailing by watching The Office with me. Ben's got his first tooth so all my pics look like this with his tongue rubbing on his new toof. He just gets cuter and cuter! Then there was the mother daughter tea at church. It was for all ages even though I was in charge and Joan pretended to be my mom since her daughter wasn't here and my mom wasn't. I got to bust out one my bridesmaids dresses to wear again. This one is from my cousin Kelly's wedding. Ryan and I went putt putt in Edmond one night and then ate at Steak n Shake. It's so far away from us that I don't go very much but I love it. yum! The demo of the second window has begun. Ryan's doing a great job but it's not very fun. Here is a nice moment of these two girls sharing. Later in the week Charlie wasn't so nice and completely tore up Matt and Shannon's veggie garden. Then there was craft day at "Just For Keeps" in Edmond. It's a scrapbook store and you can pay a dollar an hour to use all their tools and stuff. I didn't scrap but I did make an awesome calendar and these cards. On Saturday Lo and I went to see Mamma Mia! It was great! Very cheesy as most musicals are and of course it's better on Broadway but the movie was good too. Sadly Pierce Brosnon's voice isn't as pretty as his face but oh well. Definitely go see this with your girlfriends. And then let me know if you cried during "Slipping Through My Fingers."


Leslie said...

funny = did you see lo's post today about ben + camera case?

you should use your craftiness to shorten your red dress! it's cute on you!

and what the heck are the tube things in between each window? look like bells or weights of some sort?

lauren and brad said...

well...you KNOW i was crying my eyes out!

so much fun! thanks for taking me with you! xoxo

kmom said...

I like to play putt- putt. I am so pleased to learn Ryan is sticking with the window job. I hope he is planning some places for us to treat him (and you) to meals when we visit.

Ryan and Katie said...

Wow, how hot is that girl in the red dress? Answer: Very hot.
-Ryan I

lizcannon said...

i have ropes for my windows too! ours was built in 1925... how cute!

Walt & Saundra said...

So, when do you want to come over and listen to Hannah scream herself to sleep? :) J/K. We haven't been brave enough to leave her with anyone at bedtime yet. I'm starting to get a hankering for a date night though.:)

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