Friday, July 11, 2008

You Asked For It.....

I've gotten requests to give my official opinion of Joe (my sister's boyfriend) since I finally got to meet him in June. Here is the result after much deliberation:

Things I Like About Joe
1. Talkative
2. Has funny stories about shutting down trashy day cares
3. Comes to family events (even not fun things like funerals)
4. Keeps my mom on her toes with his sarcasm
5. Plays the piano
6. Mows my sister's yard
7. Active in church
8. Paid for my dinner and movie
9. Has a healthy country accent
10. Has funny stories about home inspections

Things I Don't Like About Joe
1. Has motorcycles (at least you wear a helmet)
2. Wears crocs
3. Wears crocs while driving a motorcycle.

It looks like the likes are outweighing the dislikes so keep up the good work Joe. Your re-evaluation will come sometime in the fall or winter, but if you bring my sister to visit me your ratings will go WAY UP!!


kmom said...

What is a healthy country accent? (Is it the way most people talk around here if they grew up around here?) You forgot to say he has good manners.

Miranda said...

Now see wearing crocs would be a plus for me! :0) but not on motorcycles!!

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