Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Fever

Sorry for the hiatus. I think I have been sleep deprived since the Olympics have been going on. I'm sure many of you can understand. Also I was trying really hard to finish reading my book so I wouldn't have a late fee. AND we are trying to get our house looking presentable for our company. Erin is coming on Wed. and my parents will be here over Labor Day. Thanks to the rain that is forecasted every day, I'm not sure if we will get the window painted. Anyway I'll try to post a book review soon and a pic of the GINORMOUS garden creature that came out to play with me yesterday. Here are some things I've learned while watching the Olympics:
1. Having a freakishly disproportional body can help you in certain sports
2. I have never heard of many of the countries that marched in at opening ceremonies
3. Chinese people have crazy synchronizing skillz. Not just in diving either, but in drum playing and box dancing.
4. 9 year olds can compete in gymnastics
5. NASA makes swimming capris
6. Volleyball girls can't play unless one or both butt cheeks are showing
7. Bela Karyoli is the most hilarious commentator
8. Nastia give the best "evil eye"
9. Breaking a world record isn't as hard as you'd think


Kassi Crawford said...

You forgot that Women's swimmers can't swim unless their back fat (ok maybe it is "loose muscle") is hanging out of their suit. Yummy :-)

Kira said...

Ginormous must be your word of the week, you haved it in your last 2 posts!

Leslie said...

LOVE the commentary. Bela's my fave. turkmenistan's my new country. I'm not Chinese, but did spend many years as a synchronized swimmer. NASA can make all the capris in the world; full body suits aren't allowed for men anymore. WHY hide that bod???

lauren and brad said...

you KNOW i'm addicted! :)

love this post!

I'm sooo behind on your blog! AAAH!

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