Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Ginormous Reunion Picture Post

The highlights of our trip included:
cute kidskittensUncle Ryan used as a jungle gymlots of squealsclam chowdersand
hand holding
cold water
even more sand
sand bucketsburying things in sandwater trenchesdriftwoodholy seaweedplaying with nieces and nephewssettlerscold oregon coastwaves
starfish and anemonesgrandparentsfurrowed browscookie decoratingmessesicingcousins and campfiresclimbing the sand duneslakes
duneseatingYachats Beachnature hikescharadeslots of charadesbrothers and their bruiseskidsgrandkidsgreat grandkidsand about 300 other pictures that will be on Flickr later in the week. It was a fun reunion but this was not a fun post to upload a bazillion pics to :)


Young Fam said...

Hey! FYI, Jeremy got a job at Yukon on monday, so everything eventually worked out! Let's do lunch soon, I miss you!


I love this post! Especially the picture of grandpa and George and the laughing charades picture. I laughed when I saw the charades picture. Great pics, I look forward to seeing the rest of them. Love you.

Becky Thomas said...

What a wonderful family. My favorite is still the group picture with Violet's tongue sticking out!

kmom said...

Looks like you and everyone had tons of fun!

lizcannon said...

those live starfish are scary

Mathias & Craig Families said...

I ditto Laura's comment! What a great blog & what great memories!!! It made me want to be there again! Great pics, thanks for sharing & it was so great that you guys made the trip out, it wouldn't have been the same without you! wendy.

lauren and brad said...

what beautiful pics! i can't believe how fast the kids are growing!!!!

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