Wednesday, September 10, 2008

75 More Things About Me

I did this 3 years ago so let's see if I can come up with 75 different things to entertain you....or bore you, whatever.
1. The only salad dressing I like is Honey French from Wal-mart (and no it is NOT the same thing as Catalina)
2. In elementary school I wore this cheapo bracelet for like over 2 years without ever taking it off thinking I could get into the Guinness book of world records
3. I never thought I'd be a dog person but I now I am.
4. I have a collection of Weilware, handkerchiefs, silver things, decorative tin canisters, and tablecloths. This has just recently occurred thanks to antiquing with co-workers.
5. I LOATHE grocery shopping and will do it as fast as I can and pretend I am on super market sweep when I have to.
6. If I am at Wal-mart when it is crowded I have a terrible urge to just elbow people and knock them down. I try to steer clear of there especially around holidays.
7. I do not mind doing laundry or folding it but I don't like to put it away.
8. I like to keep the blinds and curtains open but I also don't like to wear clothes so those two things don't work well together.
9. I love our house.
10. But sometime I miss our apt. Mainly because there wasn't as much upkeep :)
11. We do not have cable and I don't think I ever want to have it
12. I've been playing the Sims 2 lately and it's getting a little ridiculous how much I like it.
13. I have a very sensitive head and if I get a tangle when I brush my hair my eyes water and I get angry.
14. I wish I had broader shoulders
15. I named our Magnolia tree in our front yard Maggie.
16. We used to have cows behind our house (when I was a kid) in a pasture (they weren't ours) and I named them and would go out with a clipboard and take roll.
17. When I played "school" in my room with my dolls they were all good except for Baby Ben, who was actually an ugly forlorn girl doll, he was always the bad one and I came up with unique and torturous ways to punish him for disrupting class.
18. If I could go on any talk show it would be Ellen.
19. I want to drive our cars until they won't drive's getting close.
20. I blogstalk WAY too many people.
21. I don't believe in dinosaurs.
22. I do believe in ghosts.
23. When I ask Ryan about random topics if he doesn't know the answer I tell him to lie and tell me something and just pretend he knows. But he usually does know or he's a good liar.
24. I've never movie hopped, I'd like to but I think I'd feel guilty.
25. This is my favorite joke since I was a kid: A bear went to the doctor and the doctor and said "Oh my you have a potato growing out of your ear!" The bear was shocked and said "but I planted corn!" I can't tell that joke without laughing...I know.....I'm dumb.
26. I learned how to type really fast my freshman year at OC thanks to Instant Messenger.
27. My sister and I had so many posters of NKOTB up in our room when we were little that we couldn't undress in our room because we felt like they were watching us.
28. I wish I could not carry a purse.
29. I can't snap or whistle very well.
30. Ryan is a cleaner person than I am I think.
31. I love sand.
32. Ryan and I eat at Taco Bell every Wednesday....until Tutoring starts then we pick another day.
33. I am superstitious about "splitting the pole" or maybe it's just a pet peeve.
34. I hate that I live so far away from so many people I love and I can't wait until we can teleport so I can see them all more could happen right?
35. I'm not athletic except at ping pong and badminton.
36. I punctured my rear end once while ice skating. I fell and landed sitting on my blade. good times.
37. I don't like it when I smile at other people and they don't smile back.
38. Cookies n Cream is my favorite ice cream.
39. I always say yellow is my favorite color because you always have to have an answer for that question but I don't know if it really is.
40. I like roller coasters, but I've never been to frontier city. I don't like fair rides.
41. I like boy names that start with the letter "H"
42. I wish more people commented on the blog.
43. I like the smell of black-n-milds but hate cigarette smoke.
44. I have never smoked.
45. I've always loved Fridays more than Saturdays.
46. I think holidays should be on certain dates not just the second Monday of the month or whatever. It's too confusing.
47. I can never remember if Xmas is on the 25 or 26th though.
48. I wish they showed reruns of Hee-Haw
49. I rarely call Ryan by his name, I call him bubby. I just randomly picked that name in college.
50. Dr. Phil makes me want to vomit.
51. I don't carry cash.
52. I love Henry Weinhardt's black cherry cream soda.
53. I was almost born in a car
54. The cool kids at naptime in kindergarten used to eat kleenexes. I thought they were weird.
55. I've had something to do every night of the week for the past 2 weeks...not cool.
56. I don't wear perfume, but sometimes smelly lotion.
57. I wish I could remember quotes from books and movies and just whip them out in every day conversations.
58. There is dog hair all over my bed
59. I've never done yoga until last night at Lo's and I really enjoyed it.
60. The dentist hasn't called me for my appointment and I know I'm overdue. I think it's because my hygienist doesn't like me but it's ok because I do not like her. Anyone know a good dentist?
61. I think basic math is important but algebra and other stuff is only necessary if it's in your future career.
62. I love this Target commercial.
63. I don't get kids who don't like crafts.
64. 6th grade was my favorite year of school.
65. I can't stand not having my toes painted.
66. I like to eat steak with ketchup more than steak sauce.
67. I have about 6 pairs of Ryan's pants that I've been needing to patch for about a year.
68. I've always wanted to make one of those Victorian elaborate doll houses
69. I have loved organizing the workroom at church even though it's taken forever and still has a ways to go.
70. I used to be good at climbing trees. I'd be way too scared now.
71. I bought a fun skirt at an antique store in Guthrie a few weeks ago. It's not an antique though it's from Target.
72. I have a few magazine subscriptions but I just look at the pics and rarely read the articles. Most of them are design mags though so I think that is normal.
73. Sometimes I want to go mow people in our neighborhood's yards so they won't be as ugly. But I don't even know how to mow.
74. I have a good sense of smell and hearing
75. It took me an hour and a half to do this and might take 3 more years to do another!

Tell me 5 random things about you!


Anonymous said...

1. My favorite fragrance is White Diamonds
2. The Oregon coast is my favorite vacation destination
3. I have never had surgery
4. I like to watch House Hunters
5. I have moved at least 35 times in 52 years.
That took me about 5 minutes. Love you, Mom I

Becky Welch said...

1. I love Cookies and Cream ice cream,too.
2. I wish I, too, could remember quotes from books and movies to use in every day conversation.
3. Damon and I are stuck on Home Improvement reruns right now.
4. I wish I could read more than one book at a time.
5. I wish I could go back in time and live for a day either in Jane Austen days or Laura Ingalls Wilder days.
That took awhile!!

Anonymous said...

1. I laughed when I read the joke you posted.
2. My favortie color is purple.
3. I always seem to enjoy Tuesdays.
4. I really love Cookies-n-Cream Ice Cream.
5. I love Karen Kingsbury books.

Love you!

Rachel :)

ktsdad said...

1. I check your blog every day and read both it and all the comments.

2. I shop at Wal-Mart before 7:00 a.m. to avoid the crowd.

3. Your mom and I are happier with only deer in our backyard (instead of cows).

4. I still love working with young people, even though I'm an old geezer.

5. I was really glad when the NKOTB phase passed!!!

Anonymous said...

1. I love wearing new socks. I think I have 3 drawers of "not new" socks :)

2. I Love reading blogs, esp yours. I could blog stalk all day.

3. I try to be creative, but it's just not there.

4. I am obsessed with organization. My label maker is my best friend!

5. I am addicted to decorating shows. My hubby can't stand when I get the remote first!

Weird, you'd think after #5, that #3 would eventually get better!

(I don't usually post comments, but I'm trying to help your #42)

~Mollie Joy~

lauren and brad said...

ok. first off, I am still laughing about #16 & 17. And, I must disagree with #40 & 43...
Here's my list:
1. I think you are really good at yoga...esp. for never doing it before.
2. Why do you have a yoga mat if you've never done it before? I am just curious why because I had one too and I find that odd.
3. I like coffee with splenda much more than with mixes much better. and there must be alot of cream as well.
4. I feel guilty if I throw stuff away that is much so that I bring my parent's trash home to okc b/c they don't have recycling in their small town.
5. I used to like cats. ew.

Young Fam said...

1. today is my birthday, thanks for remembering
2. i hate watchin baby einstein, but i love that is keeps Cooper happy
3. I hate doing laundry, all of it
4. I love bubble baths
5. I also love cheesy teenage shows...yes I still watch and can't wait for The Hills to come on every monday

Line Olaisen said...

1. I always stay up longer than I should.
2. I hate spiders and other bugs.
3. I'll rather shower twice a day, than go a day without taking a shower.
4. My boss wears a wig, and I dunno how to tell her that she looks good in her new wig, so I pretend not to notice she has a new one.
5. Someone broke into my car a week ago, and stole the cd-player, and all the cd's.

Miranda said...

1. I really enjoyed reading this blog and may do one myself.
2. I wish we lived closer, I think we would be great friends!
3. I love crocs, it's all I wear.
4. I really love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
5. I have had a terrible crush on Brent, my hubby since I was 12

Anonymous said...

5 random things about Joe Tackett, Jr.

1. I'm a 2nd degree blackbelt in Kenpo Karate or at least I was 10 years ago.

2. In middle school, I spent two summers at Duke University participating in a research program for gifted children.

3. In 5th grade, I won an essay contest with the Atlanta Braves. The prize was getting to sit in the dug out as an honorary bat boy for their 4th of July game.

4. While at Memphis State, my sister and I were extras in the movie "The Firm."

5. On lists like this one, I like to tell things that aren't true...that's not the same thing as lying is it???

lizcannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lizcannon said...

i think that joke is da bomb
i also love that commercial so much, but i think it's a mean joke to play on incoming freshman to make them think their dorm room will really be that big and cool... kinda like Felicity.
1. i hate walmart...despise.
2. i pick my boogers and wipe them on the floor of the car.
3. i also (to Lauren) feel guilty about throwing away stuff, and dig through my friends garbage for recyling.
4. i dream about losing my contacts and teeth
5. i am afraid of the dark.

Kira said...

Your blog is so funny - thank you for being so faithful.

1. I think that it is neat that you and Ry eat at Taco Bell every week. I wish I could do that but I don't like one fast food restaurant that well so it would get expensive for me to eat at a Japanese steak house every week & very unhealthy.
2. What is "splitting the pole"? I am not superstitious but I walk over our around the drainage gate things in sidewalks.
3. What are black-n-milds? This lady Linda Twist #1 let me take a drag of her cig when I was like 6 & I have never done it again
4. When I was in preschool at naptime I ate my toothpaste.
5. I love that Target commercial but mainly because it makes me think of Jeremy. He loves that song.

Krista said...

I laughed the whole time I read through this post. I have a lot more in common with you than I thought.

1. I'm scared to be home alone at night which is why I've always opted to live with roommates.

2. I can't leave my house in the morning if my bed isn't made.

3. I'm slightly hard of hearing and I hate asking people to repeat things so sometimes I just nod my head and smile. haha!

4. I really miss living in the Northwest but I don't want to move back there.

5. I love photography but suck at taking pictures.

Holly Noelle said...

Hee hee! I love Target commercials too!
OK, 5 random things?
1- I was born in a country that no longer exists.
2- I wish I could spend a day hanging out with Jack Black.
3- I love funky socks.
4- I think bats are kinda cute.
5- Five is my lucky number.

{Katie Lane} said...

Wow, that's a LONG list,good job ... LOL! Here are my really random 5.

1. I used to be addicted to Sims 2, I'd play ALL night long
2. I love watching Charlie and Lola.
3. I love your blog title but have no idea what your subtitle means.
4. I'm happy that you are being featured on SITS, can't wait for my day.
5. I paint my toe nails pink.

Helen McGinn said...

You don't believe in DINOSAURS?? What about the Loch Ness Monster? ;O)
Helen (Crazy Scottish Lady) xx

Helen McGinn said...

Oh, and five random things....
1. I once parachuted with a raging hangover...not good..not good at all.
2. I was once the world champion for Minesweeper and no-one believes me but it's TRUE, I tell ya, TRUE!.
3. I hate to drink tea out of big, manly mugs and will go to lengths...any lengths to make sure my cup is pretty, funky or fun.
4. I hate to drink coffee out of flowery, silly little fru-fru mugs and will got to lengths...any lengths to make sure my cup is large, solid and chunky.
5. I bake almost every day.

MrsM said...

It's funny-my husband never calls me by my name either. Well,unless I'm in trouble! LoL.

If you want to see random things about me you should stop by my blog-I'm posting 10 random things about me just as soon as I'm done visiting here.

Congrats on being the FB today =)

cat said...

1. I live in South Africa and love living here.
2. I love doing the washing and folding - but I can't iron to save my life.
3. My name is Cat and I am a chocaholic.
4. I love coffee especially Starbucks breakfast blend - there are NO starbucks shops in South Africa ;(
5. I will not wear the same pair of shoes on two following days.

Robin said...

LOL.....I can't believe I sat here and read the whole list. :0)
Great list....

Housewife Savant said...

This is the best "About Me" list I've ever seen. SEVENTY-FIVE things! I can't even think of a half dozen.
I love ping pong and badminton. We can consider them "athletic" now? Excellent. I'm a jock.
You LIE about your favorite color? Stellar funny.
1. I loathe poetry.
2. I only recently came to understand the whole "cola war" thing from the 80's, and I've chosen sides, finally, but no one cares.
3. I get disgusted with badly done holiday decorations. REALLY disgusted.
4. Ditto store-bought Halloween costumes. Hate 'em.
5. I'd rather go to bed at 9:00 and be up at 4AM than to be a night owl, or maybe;
5. I wish I could function on 5-6 hours of sleep without having homocidal thoughts.

Happy FB day SITSter. Your blog is fab.

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

I am so impressed with your list. It will be a challenge coming up with five things but here goes;
1. My new favorite ice cream is homemade vanilla by Blue Bell.
2. We are on a 24 marathon this summer
3. I get a rush out of paying the bills
4. I'm becoming addicted to finding old picture frames for my chalkboards
5. I love real bagels, and challenged my husband to make a perfect NY bagel at home and he did!

Kari said...

Fun list!

1. I hate to put laundry away, too.

2. I have a sensitive head, too. If I get a tangle, it makes me sneeze.

3. Must have my toenails painted also.

4. I was just thinking about Hee-Haw the other day and how it would be fun to watch it again.

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Great list! I never do these but here goes:

1. I know it is "old school" but being a wife and Mommy is THE BEST JOB I have ever had and I think I was born for it.

2. I love "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" but would only admit that to a few people.

3. I check and moderate comments on my blog obsessively.

4. I prefer Fall over Summer, although I am enjoying getting the boys out and playing in our little plastic pool.

5. I am a child of God!

Astrid said...

Happy SITS day!

I loved reading your list. I'm not sure I could come up with 75 things about myself. Even five things about me is pushing it!

Cassie said...

I can't play the SIMS because I get SO addicted to it that I play it for hours at a time, so I feel ya on that one!

Tricia said...

1. I have become obsessed with blogging and the internet community.
2. I am convinced that the second I step in the ocean, I will be torn apart by a great white shark.
3. I cannot even see a picture of a snake without hyperventalating and crying.
4. My husband and I have never gone to bed mad at each other.
5. I tell my husband every year what he is getting for Christmas as soon as I buy it! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Happy SITS day. I may have to take the time and write down 75 things about me! Thanks for the idea!

Joy said...

That was a fun and funny read! I've never heard of Weilware so I'm totally going to Google it.

Once again, congratulations on your SITS feature day! Enjoy!

Little Miss Baker said...

I too am obsessed with blogging and I have a great sense of smell :) Happy SITS DAY!

Queenie Jeannie said...

OK, I know you are gonna have like a million people over today, but YOU HAVE TO REPLY to this: 33. I am superstitious about "splitting the pole" or maybe it's just a pet peeve. What the heck is splitting the pole??? You 100% lost me on that one.

So you'll let me know, right? OK good, thanks!

1. I'm a very curious person who asks alot of questions. People mistake that for noseyness, lol!

2. I invented OCD. Clutter makes me crazy. I've been known to do a quick "pick up" at other people's houses when they go to the bathroom, etc.

3. Yellow really is my favorite color, but when out shopping I tend to veer toward pink anything/everything. Weird.

4. I cry when actors cry. I can't help it. Seeing people cry makes me cry. And my family laughs at me for it!

5. I'm so into stamping right now that I stay up way too late at night because it's quiet and everyone else is sleeping.

Danemama08 said...

Wow That was interesting. I might have to steal that ideal! But Im not sure I could think of that many!

1. Im the 2nd youngest of 6 kids. All the ones above me are 10+ years older

2. I prefer sherbert over ice cream, but absolutely adore Baskin Robbins.. yum!

3. Im a meat and potatoes kind of gal, and so is WH, the only salad I really love is the Grilled Chicken Salad from the Shiliohs here!

4. I love big dogs! Im not a big fan of little dogs. But do love yorkies, especially toy ones.. weird I know!

5.I love to paint WH toes, but then I never want to take it off because I hate the way the nail polish remover smells!


Miranda said...

I love this and might steal it for my own blog! Kudos to you for coming up with 75 things (twice!) about yourself!

1. I also hate to put away laundry. I will wash, dry, fold, and put it on hangers all day long. And then it will stay on the bed until my husband gets home to put it away.

2. I also love dumb jokes. Here's one for you. Why did the chicken cross the playground? ------To get to the other slide!! HA!

3. My son has only been in this world for three months and I have taken over 1500 pictures of him, and in most of them, he's just laying on the floor.

4. I cannot pick a favorite book. As an English teacher and lover of literature, I refuse to choose just one.

5. I think I also lie about my favorite color. I say that it's blue, but I almost never buy anything blue when I shop.

Happy FB day!

Mariah said...

Random things about Mariah:

1. I will watch any movie/show with NYC in it. Comedy/Drama. Whatever. I LOVE that city.

2. I buy office supplies like my life depends on it! The store Staples makes me drool.

3. I am one of those losers who actually shop in the $1/$2.50 aisle at Target.

4. Fall is my favorite season and we bought a red oak tree for our front yard for that reason.

5. My favorite Ice Cream flavor is Daiquiri Ice from Baskin Robbins.

Love your Blog lady. Have a great SITS day.

Mountain Mama said...

Happy SITS Day!
1. I grew up at an elevation of 8500 feet.
2. Hot, sunny days depress me.
3. I never wear socks (except at the gym)
4. I need to polish my toes.
5. I wear a lot of blue, but hate it in my interior decor.

mommy4life said...

1. I came by from SITS and "love" being introduced to new blogs that I can lurk around.
2. I have 4 children ranging from 11 to 2 and love every minute, well, most of the time.
3. I need a frozen coffee from Quiktrip right now. They are 32 oz for 69 cents this summer.
4. I like to think I'm organized, but clutter sneaks up on me.
5. Heat waves get old fast!

Laura said...

Ok I'm going to break the cycle of listing 5 things (I'm at work & in a real hurry). Happy SITS Day!

carma said...

Very interesting list- we also don't have cable- woo-hoo and my athletics also consist of Ping Pong and Badminton :D
oh and I would really love to elbow some people at Walmart, too!

Jacky said...

Wow, you must be dedicated to get all that out! I don't have the patience....But here's 5!

1. My birthday is on Christmas Day. I just met a guy who had the same birthday, and I was very excited!

2. I wish I had more time to "blog-stalk". Before I got my blog, I was certainly a stalker.

3. I make cards. I wish I were better at it, or at least had more money to invest in it. (

4. I eat when I'm bored. And then I hate myself for it.

5. I'm watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the moment, just because I can. =)

Happy SITS Day! =)Nice to meet you!

Rachel said...

I punctured my rear once too! I did it on a cabinet handle. OUCH!

B.o.B. said...

You got A LOT of comments now! Happy SITS Day, your list is awesome. :)

Sadiebug and her Mom said...

*GASP* You don't believe in dinosaurs?!? You need to visit my blog! Dinosaurs are awesome, and big, and apparently my two year old daughter loves them because it's one of her favorite words. As an archaeologist, I might geek out on the topic of dinosaurs.

Sadiebug and her Mom said...

Oh and here are my five:
1. I'm a museum geek.
2. I graduated high school with 64 people.
3. I eat way too much candy. Lately, it's been Spree and Sweet Tarts, but Gummies are always a winner.
4. My boss is Australian, but he's a big koala bear.
5. Hermione Granger is my hero.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, that was a lot of information!! Five random things about me, you say? Well... 1. I get into trouble at Target - it's hard for me to leave there without spending $100 each visit. 2. I like to go to bed a few minutes before my husband so I can hog the covers. 3. SITS has introduced me to SO many awesome blogs, like yours for example. 4. I have taken over 10,000 pictures of my now 16-month old child. 5. One of my favorite movies is that stupid Mariah Carey movie "Glitter" even though it's horrible.

Michelle said...

1. I lay in bed at night and can't sleep because I think about what I'm going to put on my blog or what I'll say when I potentially give my testimony.

2. I'm still nursing my 3 1/2 year old, but only at bedtime now.

3. I hate driving but love going.

4. There is no better holiday than Christmas.

5. I hate putting away the decorations. Wish I could just throw them away and buy new ones each year.

What does splitting the pole mean?

I wish I could remember quotes too...then I'd seem really smart and on top of things. My oldest daughter does it all the time. she's funny.

Frontier City is fun.

Ellen, hands down. the last show i woudl go on is Dr. Phil.

smitten by britain said...

#3. Me either. I've had cats all of my life and never considered a dog until I fell in love with Golden Retrievers. Now I can't imagine my life without a dog.

Amy said...

1. I love constantly discovering new things about myself
2. Sometimes I get so carried away with blogstalking i forget to clean my house, or even make dinner... then my toddler reminds me.
3. I don't like cake but I love pie. But it has to be homemade and not store bought.
4. Laughing is my favorite past-time. Sometimes while I am driving I think of something funny and get really weird looks for just laughing at seemingly nothing.
5. I don't think I ever really grew up. I still feel like a little kid, and sometimes act like it, too.

Happy Sits day! I love your blog. It was so fun to get to know you!

missy said...

wow it may take me that long to come up with 5!!!!!!

1. my birthday is on the 4th of july.

2. i love anything with carmel in it!!!!!

3. i like for the tp to roll over not under.

4. i think i might be addicted to facebook!!!! {yikes}

5. we have 3 english bulldogs and i think they are adorable!!!

ok so it did not take me an hour to come up with these but it is not as easy as one would think.

Brandy said...

1. I own 75+ pairs of shoes. I'm scared to count them for fear that hubs will make me purge.

2. Green is my favorite color b/c I look good in green.

3. I'm a coupon addict.

4. I have five tattoos, including my hubs name.

5. I hate when my feet get wet unexpectedly.

Melissa said...

1. When there are choices for dessert, I'll always pick chocolate--unless tiramisu is one of the choices.

2. I've been blogging for only two months but I absolutely love it.

3. Menu Plan Monday inspires me to try new recipes.

4. I worked hard to lose 10 pounds last year, then gained it all back this year. :(

5. I'm packing up my scrapbooking supplies today, but I'm nowhere near being caught up!

Anita said...

I once did a FB list of 25 things, and I had a hard time with that!
1. I hate mayonnaise and can't stand to even use it for my kids.
2. My favorite ice cream is chunky monkey from B&J, but I rarely buy it, too expensive and too rich.
3. I love reading and having books around me.
4. I never got out with out make up on.
5. I've never lived in a previously owned house, but if I did it would be a really old one that someone else had fixed up, I didn't marry and handy man.

You've got a great blog SITSta!

Angie Marion said...

Stopping by from SiTS!

I love Sims 2 too but don't play it anymore.
and I believe in Ghosts too.

Random about me:
1. I got married at 16.
2. I was separated that same year.
3. My favorite color is purple, the color of royalty.
4. I'm highly addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook.
5. I really wanna work at home but for now I have a full time job as a Secretary for a telecommunications company on the local Army base.

Mel said...

1. I'm also a blog stalker (and you just might be the newest addition to my Google Reader!)
2. I have a love of languages and have been working on learning Arabic from my grocery store guys one word at a time for a while now.
3. I love sweets like Starburst and marshmallows, and spend WAY too much money on candy every week!
4. In HS I used to wear mismatched socks every day just cuz I thought it was cool.
5. I love to read and loved the Harry Potter series so much that we bought the last book at a Midnight book sale and I read the entire thing in less than 24 hours!

Once again, Happy SITS FB day!

Jessica said...

I'm with everyone else: wow! 75 things! Good for you, girl! Like a lot of others I totally struggled with 25.

Here's 5:
1. Like Mountain Mama, scorching hot days depress me.
2. I've gained 10 lbs since I started weight training, but I'm determined to ignore it.
3. I could eat lobster every day.
4. I drink my coffee black.
5. I wouldn't tell a soul if I won the lottery.

Chrissy said...

Thanks for sharing!! Have a SITS day. The joke was awesome:)

Bitter Sweet Moments said...

Here's 5:
1. I design children's clothing and accessories.
2. I am married to an amazing man, who was my best friend since middle school.
3. I am an accountant by trade.
4. I have almost died twice in the past three years (in ICU and everything).
5. I love the Clemson Tigers:)

Congrats on being FB on SITS!!!

T~T said...

these are always so interesting to read . . . here are my 5 randoms:

1: I am NEVER without Blistek
2: I can not drink anything with caffeine
3: I wish I had really REALLY long hair (I have always dreamed about this since I was little, but my hair doesn't grow fast and it is very fine)
4: I want to live in China (again)
5: I am an urban gal stuck in the suburbs!

{leah} said...

{I like you, this was a great post!!}

1} I love cafeteria food.
2} I stay up at night blogstalking
3} I love moving and meeting new people
4} I tell people that I want to run a marathon, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to actaully doing it
5} I love being the center of attention.

{Happy SITS day!}

Rbarakat said...

1. I get migranes almost daily( sorry I am having one today )
2. I have 5 kids
3. I used to paint murals for a living( before the 5 kids)
4. I am obssessed with scrapbooking
5. I enjoy working with teenagers

Marrdy said...

I love that you took COW ROLL. Too funny!

1 - I am OCD with license plate letters and numbers.
2 - I randomly use sign language when driving my car. My 14 year old thinks it's cool.
3 - I always have to fall asleep on my left side.
4 - I can quote from movies and sometimes break out in song to go along with most conversation. I suspect it's annoying.
5 - I use way too many Kleenex's everyday.

Faith Imagined said...

great list! 4th grade was my favorite! I hate all shopping and i am totally with you on the laundry comment!

Cher said...

im with you on #5...i'm loathing grocery shopping more and more. That was why I came up with post about grocery shopping with your husband...and how to make it fun. Not sure if you saw that one, but either way...I'm with ya! Congrats on your SITS day!!

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the Wal-Mart thing!

1. I love to bake cupcakes and decorate them.
2. Everything has to be in it's place at my house. I'm kind of OCD about it.
3. I love to organize anything.
4. I have always wished I could have been a singer.
5. I love mexican food and Taco Bell.

Robbie S. Redmon, LPC said...

1. Married at 19.
2. I love being a hypnotherapist.
3. Counseling is my calling.
4. I do deep meditation every morning.
5. I read at least 1 Scripture before watching recordings of any talk show, Oprah included!
6. Received a letter from Halle Berry, she read my book.
7. I always go beyond what's needed. LOL!

Rachel said...

Happy SITS day to you! I like your blog. It has been fun to get to know you a little bit.

Here are 5 random things about me:
1. I love the color purple. It is everywhere in my house.
2. I used to live in Alaska, and I miss it a lot.
3. I once played Maria in The Sound of Music. Still can't believe I was crazy enough to do that!
4. I like chicken nuggets dipped in honey.
5. I wish I could go skydiving.

Reluctant Housewife said...

1. I believe in dinosaurs. I didn't know there was any question of their validity. I've never seen them put in the same category as ghosts or aliens. Not only do I believe in dinosaurs I think they're awesome-cool.
2. I've never had Taco Bell
3. My favourite meal when I was a kid was steak and french fries
4. My favourite meal now is Pad Thai
5. I don't like summer very much. I have hay fever and I don't like the heat or the bugs.

Scottish Lass said...

I'm lazy - here's one:
1. Your number 16 has given me the best visual. it's going to be my new 'go to visual' when I'm fed up and need a laugh.
I have two kids so about every three hours or so.....
Happy Sits Day!

Ali said...

1. I love the smell of gasoline.
2. I am a frozen yogurt fiend.
3. I was born in Missouri, lived in New York for 15 years of my life, and am now residing in California.
4. I am obsessed with True Blood.
5. My sister was predicted to be a boy and my parents named "him" Zach. Then she was born.

MochaTrina said...

I don't carry cash either and my mom fusses at me all the time. One time I got on the tollway and was like cash. So I'm swerving on the tollway looking for change on the floorboard of my car.

And I WILL ram your cart at Wal-Mart if your in my way and say excuse me I didn't see you.

Mariel said...

NKOTB forever!


The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

1- I really love comments too!
2- I'm afraid of curvy roads (driving on them.)
3- I'm obsessed w/my girls hair
4- I memorized a 38 page Beethoven piano piece.
5- I wish I could conduct an orchestra just once!

Just stopping by from SITS to wish you a great day!

Days of Whine & Noses said...

oh I despise it when people send me emails to answer 75 questions!

Visiting from SITS!

Suzi said...

1. My 8 yr. old hates doing crafts of any kind.
2. I taught 3rd grade for 1 year then had babies.
3. I live on five acres with in a fixer-upper.
4. I am a self taught sewer.
5. I am 37 yrs. old and still play soccer.

Happy SITS Day to you!

Mommy of M's said...

Number 16 made me laugh at loud!! And I'm right there with you on number 20!!

Brooke said...

o.m.g. You took roll call of the cows!!! I LOVE it! So sounds like something I would do as a kid. and punishing baby Ben? LOL!!!!

Sharon and Billy Blanks Jr. said...

1.I loved your blog so much, I plan on coming back.

2. Mu husband and I were on the Ellen show to promote our fitness work out!!!

3. I can't have anything touch my pillow even though I don't use it.

4. I'm so fraked out by mushrooms that I will walk way around them if they are growing in my path.

5. I don't like the feel of grass under my feet. I know... weird.

C. Beth said...

1. I love being a you will too. :)
2. We don't have cable either. We have Netflix and if there's a cable show we want to watch we can wait until it comes out on DVD.
3. I'm crazy sleepy today and my mom interrupted my nap by calling me.
4. I'm sitting on the toilet with my laptop.
5. I know...#4 was WAY TMI!

Melanie said...

wooow now that is a looong long list. great!!! so interesting. i like lists.

SugarandSpice said...

Wow! I don't know if I could come up with 75 interesting things. Hey my 5 might not even be interesting...but I think I can do it.

1. I Love to travel.
2. I cry at almost every movie and commercial(even radio commercials),even if they are suppossed to be a comedy.
3. I love spending time with my family. I am all about family togetherness.
4. I love to do my daughter's hair and coordinate her outfits and nail polish to match!
5. I feel like the luckiest woman alive to be married to my husband!

Hope your day being featured was all you hoped it would be! How fun it must be to be featured. I think it is tons of fun commenting and getting comments from strangers!!!

Jeannie Finelli, RN said...

Five random facts about myself? Okay:

1. I have a short attention span.


a_healthier_me said...

What a great list. Here's my 5
1. I love math so much, I used to want to be a High School Geometry Teacher.
2. Although I graduated a semester early, I was 1 month pregnant at my Senior Prom
3. My mom and I have 8 blogs right now (we're aiming for 10)
4. I used to be a Passion Partied Consultant until a couple month's ago
5. I can't decide if my favorite color is red or purple

OK, and for fun
6. I am thinking of posting something similar on my blog now so my readers can get to know me (hope you don't mind).

Happy SITS Day!

thatdesigngal said...

Oh fun...okay
1. I love playing soccer!
2. My parents couldn't decide on a name for me so I was Amanda for a day, and then Mary for a day. They picked Mary after the little experiment.
3. Chris (fiance)is a better cook than I am even through I am always watching the Food Network. Grrr.
4. I hate studying for my licensing exams for architecture, and I feel like a moron because I keep failing them.
5. I wish I could be Duff Goldman He is such a talented cake designer. I thought I could be him and I made a 14 layered lighthouse cake for my Grandma's birthday. Hmm... it was interesting.

Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents said...

1. I live in CT and some of the things you mention I've never heard of:
a)Henry Weinhardt's black cherry cream soda
b)"splitting the pole"
c)smell of black-n-milds
2) I've lived in the same town all my life
3) My grandmom lived to be 101
4) I was married 9 years before my daughter was born
5) I would like to travel the world

Happy SITS!

dddiva said...

Another great post- okay 5 things about me-

1) I blog with my girls and I learn more from that than talking sometimes

2) My favorite color is all of them except the boring ones- think tropical island sunset meets ocean meets loud Hawaiian shirt

3) Being a mom is awesome but being a Gigi is a whole 'nother layer of fabulosity

4) I really really want to have a beach house and live there year round- I'd rather live outside and just go in for bed and bath

5) I am totally stalking you now since your 75 things (and other posts) are fun

Kat said...

1. I homeschool my oldest daughter. But send my youngest to public school.

2. I have never mowed the grass.

3. I learned how to swim before I could walk.

4. I met my husband at a bar.

5. I read about 4 books a week.

NYC Mama said...

1. I love the smell of wet soil.
2. I love the smell of wet chalk.
3. I love the smell of baking pies.
4. I love the smell of my son after a bath.
5. I love the smell of Shower to Shower powder.

And I have NO idea why they were all smell related. LOL.

Tara said...

Wow! I feel like I know you... :O)

hummm have to think about this one... it's late and i'm tired

1. I love mayonnaise on my corn
2. I 5 kids...all are oopsies.
3. I have to chocolate everyday...or I think I might die
4. I suck at math...really really bad
5. I'm training for a triathlon...well, getting ready to...

Controlling My Chaos said...

1. I reorganize the dishwasher when other people load it.
2. My spices are alphabetized.
3. I'm an OCD freak.

janis said...

oh my... i won't be able to think of 75 things! hihi!

The Redhead Riter said...

1. I stay up too late every night.
2. I love English, dragon flies, fireflies and lady bugs.
3. I had orange hair when I was born.
4. I love rain.
5. I only want a nap if it can be 2 hours or longer.

greedygrace said...

5 random things...

1. I am left handed.
2. If you're a guy who plays the bass, I am most likely in love with you.
3. My favorite flowers are tulips.
4. I'm afraid to fly. I'm also afraid of bridges. I'm really afraid of plummeting to my death, so those first two fears go hand in hand.
5. My husband will eventually divorce me over my excessive blogging!

"FINE"al thoughts... said...

1. I am obsessed with checking my email. I check it about 20 million times a day.
2. I am completely addicted to overexaggeration.
3. I count the dashed white lines in the highway when someone else is driving.
4. I used to be afraid of cats when I was a teenager. I still don't like them.
5. I crave peanut butter m&ms

Jennifer Juniper said...

I'm getting to you a day late, these kids home in the summer time are cramping my style :)

1. The National Anthem makes me cry.
2. I once saved for 3 years for a boob job then chickened out and spent the money on a trip instead.
3. When I hear a song, I always think of a person or a time when I last heard it.
4. Sometimes when I'm driving, I have an irresistable urge to pull the emergency brake. Weird.
5. I actually miss my blog like a person when I'm away too long.

Janet said...

Great post. I feel like I know you now.

Follow up on #42 - your wish is my command (thanks to SITS!)

Charmaine @ randalswife said...

1. I love my beach cruiser bike - it has streamers on the handles.
2. I like sleeping on my couch in my front room more than I like sleeping on my bed.
3. I love typography!
4. I love photography! (and my cameras!)
5. I love wearing skirts and would wear them every single day if I could.

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