Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fun with Little Lar and Little Deb

My parents came for a long weekend stay over Labor Day weekend only this year we didn't do much labor. The last two times they have come all we did was yard work, but this time we just played! On Friday while Ryan worked we went to Pop's, then antiquing in Guthrie, and to the Masonic Scottish Rite Temple. We also saw 21 and Wall-E, played lots of games, and had a yummy Labor Day steak cookout dinner. Here are pics highlighting the wonderful weekend: Here are mom and I in front of the big pop bottle at Pop's. Even though Ryan couldn't join us we did get him some Green River and Henry Weinhardt's. Yum! This is the Scottish Rite Temple in Guthrie. I'd never toured it but thought about having my wedding there. It is gorgeous! Each room is designed for a specific period of art. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable on the whole place...maybe because he was a mason and a history teacher. This one lady designed all the furniture, lights, and carpets you see. And you can actually walk on the rugs and sit on the furniture. This carpet is the largest hand woven wool rug in the world and is worth over a million dollars! Right there in Guthrie! This is Mr. Classen, who was a mason and also the namesake of Classen High School and Classen Blvd. His stained glass eyes follow you around the room. This is the Hogwarts like library full of THOUSANDS of books solely on masons. They were all locked in their cabinets. So secretive.....And this is the beautiful stained glass ceiling in the main atrium. For future reference if you plan on going go when it is cool. No air conditioning throughout most of the building. And here is mom and her favorite grand dog. They spent lots of quality time together. These are not my parents (obviously) but Rachel was in town and I'm so glad she and Erin came down to visit me. I hadn't seen Rachel since college. We had a good time catching up. P.S. Rachel what is your email address so I can email you pics? You can facebook it to me if you don't want to leave it in a comment :)


Blair and Rachel said...

I look fat and shiny.

It is

Erin Cornell said...

will you email it to me too??

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