Friday, September 05, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green....or is it?

Back in the day when I was an interior design student at OC, living "green" was always stressed as an up and coming hot topic especially in the design world. And boy has that topic definitely become a hot one lately. I think it is a great movement and reminds us all to take good care of the earth that God has blessed us with. There are many ways to reduce, reuse and recycle and I could definitely be better at some than I am at others. Where my problem is though is when companies push "green" items like theirs is the best choice, when really there are much "greener" options. Such as: buying clothes that are ONLY organic cotton. Well a much greener thing to do is to buy gently used clothing at your local Goodwill or thrift store. Same goes for furniture and housing materials marketed as being "green" because they are made from resources that grow quickly like bamboo. The greener thing to do is to buy a house already in existence or buy used furniture from an antique store. I know I don't always do these things, and I guess if someone HAS to buy new clothes or furniture it is best to buy organic or whatever but it seems a lot of these companies are just boosting consumerism more than promoting the whole "reuse and reduce" thing. I think it's time for a non-consumerism movement not just a "green" one. Anyone got a good slogan?


lauren and brad said...

katie! i totally agree! what a great post....i've often thought of this same thing with great frustration! so many companies are riding the green trend without really changing much at of my most irritating examples is food: like when they say 100% all natural then you check out the ingredients and it means all natural chemicals too! grrrrr!

I think we are getting away from the slogan "reduce" meaning USE LESS, "reuse" like what your saying, use second hand etc. and "recycle" meaning produce less waste...nowhere does it say "Buy more stuff that is made just a TAD bit better!"

Anonymous said...

hey you, maybe you should blog about making your own clothes....i think im starting my own clothing line called the happy hippie,,,,,can i pimp it out on your blog?

Walt & Saundra said...

I think "Go Dusty" is a good slogan. Every antique store we love is full of dusty, mothballed clothes. Walt's allergies flare up horribly at one of my favorite haunts. So sad.

I'm glad you like my nephews books! I'm working on one for Hannah, just waiting until she'll appreciate it more.

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