Sunday, September 21, 2008

Looking Back.....

According to this blog 3 years ago in September
  • We went on the Heritage Hills home tour
  • I singed all my arm hairs off and almost set the apt. on fire with my cooking skillz
  • We worked at Kipp school with MRCC Day in the City
  • I started waving at the man at the bus stop everyday
  • We went to the state fair
  • Nolan was born
  • Ryan started his first full time job after college at the Edmond Son
  • We celebrated this at NIKZ
  • I hosted a MaryKay party
  • We painted the dining room and living room in our apt
According to this blog 2 years ago in September
  • I quit my job at Chateau
  • I went to NYC to see Erin and was stranded in O'Hare
  • I had dentist drama
  • We painted our bedroom in the apt
  • We helped Lo and Brad flip their house in Seminole
  • The Crocodile Hunter died
According to this blog 1 year ago in September
  • Charlie started losing teeth like crazy
  • Ryan was talking in his sleep like crazy
  • I took kids at church to Celebration Station
  • We went to the state fair
  • Charlie got spade
  • We got two pieces of furniture
  • Ryan and I found out we had been sharing toothbrushes and were disgusted
  • Charlie and Lucy became buddies
  • My parents helped us with our backyard beautification
  • My grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage
According to this blog today I have to leave to go to a tutoring meeting. It starts THIS Wednesday!! AHHHH!!! I'm as ready as I'll ever be I reckon.


Anonymous said...

I still say that a husband and wife sharing a toothbrush is not gross. Katie, thanks for being such a dedicated blogger. Living 2000 miles away is hard but keeping in touch with your everyday lives makes it a little easier. Love you guys. Mom I

brittny said...

Okay- this may sound totally blog stalkerish (and I apologize in advance!), but over the last few years I've followed your blog from time to time and actually remember some of those posts! I spent the last 3 years of my life in Kuwait and was really missing things back in OK and stumbled upon your blog. I just recently moved back home and thought I'd stop by your blog and it's funny that out of all the days to pick to read, it's this one- where I'm sitting at my computer thinking to myself, "I remember that!" ha ha. Anyway, here's to many more years of blogging fun. Have a good week.

lauren and brad said...

wait a's been 2 years since we quit!?!? and you've had charlie for a year????

My goodness. Good thing we have the blog to keep all this craziness in order.

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