Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Other things that have happened that I was to busy doing to post about....

  1. Bunco night. For those of you who don't know this is just a way for gambling to be OK because you do it with other church ladies.
  2. Craft night. It was last Friday night and I was so uncreative I pretty much got nothing accomplished except gossip.
  3. Bible class. I am teaching the older elementary kids on Sunday morning this quarter.
  4. OESD company picnic at the zoo. This was last weekend. See next post for pictures.
  5. Bed and Breakfast at the Grandison. Ryan randomly booked us a night here on Friday night. Not far from home, but a fun getaway. Don't call DHS....we left Charlie at home for the night.
  6. Burn After Reading. We saw this movie on Saturday. A dark Coen brothers comedy. Funny but I can't recommend it because of language.
  7. Prenatal Yoga....I'm NOT pregnant. Lo's getting certified and I am her practice student. My pelvic muscles are now more open though.
  8. Other weeknight events have included dinner with friends, elders meetings, church, ping pong and taping pennies on Shannon's legs. Courtney said this would get rid of her mosquito bites so we tried it while our husbands played basketball. Verdict: didn't work but it was fun to do.


kmom said...

You might want to leave off the descriptive adjective when telling about your yoga class to help prevent confusion. Do you use money for Bunco or just pennies?

Gena said...

You are so funny. I love your blog...it just makes me smile.


I just started playing Bunco a couple of monthes ago with church ladies. I won $1.50 last week!! Also...for bug bites light a match and blow it out, then put the still hot part on the bug bite! Works great. the sulfur draws out the poison that makes it itch. True story! How fun to go to a bed and breakfast. I have such a sweet brother!

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