Monday, September 15, 2008

We Just Wanted to Celebrate the State in Which We are Living....

If you don't know what that title means then you don't live in OKC and haven't seen the best commercial ever. I'm talking about the state fair!! It's here!! And Lo, Ben and I made a Friday of it and checked out the highlights. (for past State Fair posts click here and here)
Here is Ben ready to rock and roll. He looks too cool to live in OK.We checked out the ever famous log show. Mr. Rollerskates wasn't here this year but there was still lots of rolling to be done.

We mainly came for the food of course. Here are Lo and Ben trying out the corn. Ben also got to try funnel cake. Yum! Here is the Amazing Dog Show. If you can't tell the main is balancing a dog on it's front two paws. While watching dogs I also partook or fried goodness. To close the day we sampled the musical entertainment of this teenage boy band. I didn't get your name guys but you were pretty good.
Most importantly, after touring the arts and crafts winners Lo and I decided for the next 52 Fridays we will make something to enter into the State Fair bc we Okies are sooo much more talented than those winners would lead people to believe. Look out State Fair 2009! He really should start a modeling career.

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kmom said...

Ben looks like he is from NYC or Hollywood. Cool dude! I never saw a log rolling contest. Will you be practicing to enter the food competition?

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