Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weighing in on the Politics

Sorry for 2 political-ish posts in a row but with all these conventions going on it's hard not to blog about it! Lots of people and animals have been asking me who I plan to vote for. No matter who wins this year, a barrier will be broken and history will be made. Some feel I should be loyal to my race (I am mostly black) but others feel I should be loyal to my gender (which technically I am neuter now but I still consider myself female). After reading this article I feel a bit sketchy of Obama. I agree with the lady, I don't trust people who don't have pets either. McCain is a pet lover according to this article (isn't it amazing the these you can find on the internet) but with that many pets he can't have a good relationship with them all, and he might just be trying too hard to win my vote. The issues that are most important to me are free veteranarian health care for all and more public dog parks. I'll keep researching these two candidates, and I await the debates with baited breath.
Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious!

lauren and brad said...


Although I am Obama all the way, it is sad that he is missing out on one of life's greatest joys...pups.

However, maybe it is because he lives in downtown chicago, and lets face it...having a dog in downtown chicago just might be considered inhumane.

Krista said...

haha...I did not get that it was a blog from Charlie until the very end. I was reading it trying to figure out what you meant by the neuter comment. Obviously it's been a long day!

lizcannon said...

he should get a mini schnauzer fo sho! (im not bias or anything)

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