Monday, October 20, 2008

Antique weekend in Kansas

So 7 of us gals from church had an antique shopping weekend on the way up to Wichita. Shannon and I came back early so we could be here on Sunday and thank goodness or I would've spent even more money. My new favorite antique store is the Paramount in Wichita. It is HUGE! We also went to Blackwell, Wellington, and Hutchinson. I got a few things for me and some Xmas presents. Here are a few of my goodies :) Here are my lovely Pyrex Peasant People mixing bowls and butter dish. I have been wanting these for a long time and I finally found them at a reasonable price AND with the handle/pouring spouts. The lady at the counter said "I wouldn't put these in the dish washer if I were you" to which I said "oh don't worry, I don't cook." They will look pretty on display though. :) And to my delight there was weilware in Wichita!! All of my other pieces have come from one place in OKC so I was excited to finally see it somewhere else! They did have this gorgeous like 64 piece set but it was really expensive so when I hit the jackpot I'll go back. Until then I'll enjoy these additions.


lauren and brad said...


So glad you had so much fun with your girls!

kmom said...

I like all the dishes, bowls, etc you bought. They look great!

Kassi said...

I love your finds! Gorgeous!

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