Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dear Person.....

One of the ladies at church in charge of Christmas baskets for the shut-ins asked if my tutoring kids would make the cards for them this year. We got an early start and made them today. This conversation followed:

Kid: Ms. Katie what is a shut in?
Me: It's usually someone who is too sick or elderly to leave their home, or they might be in a nursing home so they don't get out much. We make cards to encourage them and let them know we are thinking of them.
Kid: Oh Ok
(a few minutes pass and I read their card: "Dear Person, I hope you get out of your house so you can do what you need to do.")
Maybe not the best way to put it but hopefully they know it's the thought that counts :)


Kira said...

That is so cute & just like a kid. They are so direct & literal. I love it.

lauren and brad said...

Now that is funny stuff!

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