Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Did you catch me on ESPN2?

Ok like 2 weeks ago our Bible class went to the AAA baseball playoffs that were hosted in OKC at the Bricktown ballpark. Our Redhawks weren't fact it's been awhile so I don't even remember who was playing. The exciting part though was that it was on ESPN 2. There were lots of empty seats behind us and the film crew brought 2 ladies over there to interview them and asked us to huddle around (so it would look liek it was crowded although it was not). We had no idea who they were but later foudn out it was Bobby Mercer's widow and her bff Gary England's wife. I thought I had my camera but alas I did not so Ryan snapped this photo with my cell phone....which isn't too exciting since he left out the famous people on my left and the camera crew but I promise it's true! I dunno if I was on TV or not since we don't have cable or anything.

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kmom said...

You sure do look good, Katie. Great picture!

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