Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guess whose hand this is???

Give up? It's my sister's!! And that's an engagement ring!! She's marrying that croc wearing motorcyclist and I couldn't be more excited for her!! I must display this emotion through the use of many exclamation points!!
P.S. Dear Amy, I've never noticed your hand this closely I guess, but your middle finger is looking slightly arthritic. You might want to have this looked at.
P.P.S. Dear Dad, which tree did you make her position her hand on?
P.P.P.S. Dear Joe, Congratulations! You've convinced her to marry you but have you convinced her to change her name and get rid of that hideous furniture? Because THAT my future bro-in-law is the real challenge.


Carrie M said...

Congratulations Amy! I've only seen Joe's feet, but he seems like a great guy. And that is a beautiful ring!

Sally Pinon said...

Oh my goodness! I am so excited for your sister! Your mom has to be so thrilled!

Becky Welch said...

YAY!!! We are so excited!

Bonnie Bloomigburg said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so excited for them!!! :D I bet Aunt Debbie had a COW!!!

lauren and brad said...


I love the ring! I love that her hands look exactly like yours!!

Congrats Amy and Joe!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Katie...I haven't stopped smiling since she said yes.

And we've already discussed and resolved the issues you mentioned. 1) Name Change: I was set on Beatrice and she was insisting on Linda, so we just decided to compromise - she's going with Belinda. 2) Furniture: I'll sit on anything as long as she's with me...anyways, in time I'm sure we'll be able to find matching curtains on eBay.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Congratulations, Amy!! -April

Kassi said...

Yay Congratulations Amy!

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