Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh to be young again....

This is a conversation I had today on facebook with my cousin who is in college. I changed the names to protect the innocent. I almost pee myself laughing every time I read this.
Katie: what's new in hendo?
Bertha: umm....I have a boyfriend :):)

Katie: oooo whom

Bertha: his name is D*****....and he is pretty much the most amazing guy in the world
Katie: oh really
Bertha: yeah
Katie: shall i facebook him and see?
Bertha: you can lol
Katie: what's so amazing about him
Bertha: he is just so sweet and in our relationship, we skipped the awkward's like we have been dating forever
Katie: and how long have you actually been dating?
Bertha: well officially?
Katie: yes
Bertha: umm....since about 11:15 last night haha



Was she serious. That is hilarious. How fortunate to skip that crazy awkward stage. =)

Ryan and Katie said...

Yes she was serious....and that's why it's sooo pee your pants funny :) Love you Bertha!

Miranda said...

Sometimes I fear for our future...LOL :0)

Anonymous said...

I will love you forever for posting this conversation and yet I will also hate you. LOL. Now this conversation will be on cyber space where we can remember it FORVER!
Love Bertha :)

Becky Welch said...

Got to love the college kids and their relationships! Oh my!! Welcome to my world!

Anonymous said...

haha I just love Bertha. She's a total goofball. I'm gonna be careful what I tell you from now on. ha :) love you!


Kassi said...

That is hilarious! I am not sure why but that reminds me of all of the phone calls we got freshman year. Billy for me and Donald for you. "katie I know you got the freak in you." LOL

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