Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Smell This

So we got this "new" couch from Lo and Brad who no longer wanted it and it is super comfy and free so it's now in the study. But every time I sit on it I feel like I'm in their house bc it totally smells like their house. Not a bad smell by any means, but it's just what their house smells like. Then the other day Ryan was borrowing a shirt from Matt when we were at the Meredith's house and he kept commenting this shirt smells like their house, and I could smell it too and agreed. Once again it did not smell bad it just smelled like them. So now I wonder what our house smells like. I never thought about it and I guess I'm never gone long enough to notice it. I know when I go home to TN as soon as I walk in the door it smells like home but what is it? What makes it smell? It's not like the house shampoos and wears deodarant and smelly lotion so I don't get it. Right now I feel like our house smells like dirty laundry and wet dog but I hope that's fleeting. Anyway if you can answer why houses smell like they do please tell me....and I hope the answer isn't dead skin cells.


Anonymous said...

I think its just years of accumulation of smells particular to each house i.e old lumber, new sheetrock, aged hardwood floors or new linoleum, laundry soap, shampoo, dish soap, dog hair, moldy floors, wood cleaner, foods you cook, etc.. I remember that Lindas house always smelled like Tide and Beautiful perfume no matter where she lived. They say smell is the strongest trigger for memory and I've come to realize that its true. What does my house smell like? Mom I


The Craigs house has always had a very recognizable smell! NOT a bad smell, just the Craig smell. It's a very comfortable whenever you go there.

Leslie said...

ew. skin cells. ew.

i remember a cabin we used to stay at as a kid. might've been the wood they used? and new suburban homes have a distinctive smell too. but that might just be an overload of carpet glue.

uh...hope our home doesn't smell gross.

Walt & Saundra said...

If it's an old house, it's the horse hair in the plaster. Did I ever tell you about the huge chunk of hair, toupee size, that I found in the wall of the house on 18th?

Speaking of that house, you need to check it out. Our friends bought it and finished it and it's AMAZING! It should be listed soon too.

And YES! We're moving this weekend (for sure). So the following Friday you need to come visit! Bring Lauren and baby Ben too if they're up for a trip to Midwest City! :)

lauren and brad said...

Wait a sec. Matt's shirt smells like our house too?

Confused about that part.

I want you to be honest about our house smell. Because in theory that couch should smell like my parent's house (v. distinctive) because it was a hand me down.

WHAT DOES MY HOUSE SMELL LIKE??? dead skin cells? Is that where you got that???

P.S. Thanks a million for watching the babe last night!

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