Thursday, October 09, 2008

TV breakdown

Now that the new shows are back I'll give you the scoop on what I thought:

The Office: HILARIOUS. It did not disappoint at all and I'm so excited for Jim and Pam. I'm afraid they will have problems though with her being in college and making "friends." They will end up together though, I hope they just don't drag it out like a Ross and Rachel thing. That just might kill it for me. Does anyone else think it's weird that she is an RA and is only in a 3 month program?

Grey's Anatomy: Not gonna lie I was pretty disappointed. Even though I knew they wouldn't let Derek die it was a bit of a downer that that was a dream scene. And the whole "Just kidding" pregnancy scare...lame. I need real drama people. The whole episode was WAY too long for excitement. It better get better.

Private Practice: Loved it! I think the writers took all the good Grey stories and sent them here. And I definitely cried when that baby was born. What a sick sick situation to be in. I hope that never really happens in real life with the whole harvesting another baby to save your dying kid...but it probably has or else where would they have gotten the idea. This season is looking promising.

Pushing Daisies: Wow! I had forgotten a lot of the story and how it left off so I'm glad they did a bit of a recap. It's so unique and funny. Most likely the most creative show on TV if you can stand the silliness of it all. I just keep thinking what if they accidentally touch?! Is that how the show will end?! I won't be able to take it if they do. And Kristen Chenoweth in that convent was hilarious.

I'm looking forward to watching these...most likely online since I'm busy when half of them are on and 2 are on at the same time. If you are a fan of these what did you think?


Kassi said...

I am so with you on the Grey's season premiere. What are they trying to pull? That pregnancy scare made me want to quit life, it was pretty gay. I am hoping to all hopes it gets better as the season progresses but I think the preview for tonight's episode looked fairly ridiculous. :-(


I LOVE PUSHING DAISIES!!! I love how it is new and different, and doesn't have anything to do with police, sex, or reality! The whole thing is just clever.

Carrie said...

I have to say that I think I am so over Greys Anatomy. Where is all the great sarcastic humor that the first couple seasons had. And don't use your TV show to try and shove any kind of political agenda on me. Bye Greys.

The Woodards said...

The Office is our favoite! We don't allow anyone to talk until commercial time, and always have the kids settled into a movie before it starts so they won't interrupt. Last weeks was hysterrical! and I can't wait for tomorrow. We are going to have an Office party soon. I always thought that a Dwight bobble head would be a funny christmas gift for someone! Leann Woodard

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